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May 22, 2018

The virtues of being a VIRTU fan are endless. That much has been more than apparent after his stunning performances on both remixes and originals. And now, the Los Angeles based electronic artist has taken on Imad Royal and Mark Johns’ sensational rendition of Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box for his latest track. VIRTU’s remix starts out slow and deliberate, building ever so intensely towards its mind melting drop. Dubstep and electro house interweave on the glorious edit. Shuddering bass and laser-cut synths leave us trembling in bliss. Why can’t there be more rock and electronica crossovers like this magnificent electro grunge track? Download/stream the track, here.

April 7, 2018

Achingly beautiful collaboration between Imad Royal and FRND on their song ‘Love is Dead’. I don’t even feel like I’m getting friendzoned, which is easy to accept, but the pain of this track comes from the fact that this person is so stuck in their rhythm of love not working out that they’ve decided it’s dead and not even worth a try. Ugh, I can feel this song from both perspectives. 

November 17, 2017

Everyone knows Aesop’s famous fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which spawned the idiom “to cry wolf”. San Diego singer songwriter Ashe, who’s graced many an amazing electronic track as a guest vocalist this past year, makes a play on the idiom by unleashing her song named Girl Who Cried Wolf. On production duties are Imad Royal and Rogét Chahayed, who’ve crafted a rich soundscape replete with dramatic percussion and frisky whizzing synths to accompany Ashe’s honeyed piercing vocals. Girl Who Cried Wolf is an instantly infectious, bold searing electronic and pop hybrid, and it’s out now via Mom+Pop. Stream/download via alternate outlets, here.

September 8, 2017

I’m sure we can think of more than twenty one questions to ponder regarding  mysterious newcomer Blaise, whom some may recognize as Blaise Railey from Louis The Child hit Phone Died, but let’s set all that wondering aside and fully submerse ourselves in what looks to be his debut single, 21 Questions. The R&B and hip hop number is laid back and meditative, yet incredibly hooking and addictive. There’s a profoundness to be found in all the questions posed in the soul searching piece and its vocoder treated, amply pitched vocals, which channel plenty of Cudi. Apparently, Gabriel Black and Imad Royal are also somehow involved with Blaise’s 21 Questions. You can say that our curiosity is more than piqued, and we look forward to learn more about Blaise. Visit his Soundcloud, here.

February 20, 2017

Imad Royal, the D.C. talent we’ve been praising since he went by the name of Royal early on, just released his must listen EP, Everything Happens, and it’s just about everything we’d wished for, a flawless urban pop and electronica amalgam that enraptures across five splendid tunes. Today we visit opening track M.I.A. together, and it’s such a swaggy popping ballad brimming with heartfelt endearment. You can also stream Everything Happens in full on Soundcloud.

February 7, 2017

Washington, D.C. musician Imad Royal continues his unstoppable ascent to the top with a fresh new track named Losing It All, adding momentum to what is shaping up to be his biggest year yet. The artist, who first hooked us in with his genre defying, diversely versatile tunes under the name Royal, gives us a an urban pop ballad for his latest song. Losing It All is sweetly melancholic. Its heartfelt guitar strums and emotive vocals feel distinctly genuine and exposed. We might as well be losing it all ourselves, and gladly so, to Imad Royal’s aching serenade. Losing It All is out now on iTunes.

December 3, 2016

I’m wildly fond of Sweater Beats’ recent collaborations, including the Brooklyn producer’s partnership with Australia’s Nicole Millar and D.C. whiz kid Imad Royal on Better. If anyone’s going to take that track on for a loop around the remix track, they’d “better” do an ace job. Berkeley’s own Ben Maxwell teams up with Los Angeles’ SLOVES to turn in exactly just that as they smooth out the gritty edges of the original on a gorgeously mellifluous remix. This fresh and creative take sports a ravishing drop that reminds me of Louis The Child. Download Ben Maxwell and SLOVES’ remix for free, here.

August 31, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.29.2016

Featured music – August 29th, 2016

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August 30, 2016

Rising stars and well established talent join forces on Better, a track that simply can’t get any better. The song is the latest from Brooklyn mainstay Sweater Beats, who teams up with Australia’s Nicole Millar and D.C. whiz kid Imad Royal for a vibe heavy presentation of hip hop imbued future beats splendor. Nicole Millar’s crystalline voice adds a saccharine touch to the whomping anthem while Imad Royal’s impassioned crooning adds raw impassioned authenticity. Better is Sweater Beats long awaited return to originals, and it’s the first single from his upcoming For The Cold EP. Purchase Better from various outlets, here.

June 30, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.28.2016

Featured music – June 28th, 2016

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