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October 19, 2017

It’s obvious bubbly infectious pastel pop is Sälen’s forte. The East London trio reeled us in with effervescent singles like Diseasey and So Rude this past year, and now they’re preparing to release a short film named Zebedy Cult and its accompanying soundtrack EP come November 10th on Island Records. This intriguing news comes with a brand new song named I Am Champagne as well as a reworked version of their acclaimed debut I’m In Love With My Best Friend. I Am Champagne is an airy swirling charmer that reminds me of a more delicate and lissome version of PC Music’s repertoire, mixed with the saccharine coating of Kero Kero Bonito. Despite its sugary appeal, I Am Champagne packs plenteous bittersweet wistfulness in its crystalline drapes. You can stream Sälen‘s new re-worked version of I’m In Love With My Best Friend below. 

They explain of their new film and music project: "Zebedy’s Cult is about a flamboyant agony uncle called Zebedy… He is on call like a drug dealer, to give advice from his rickshaw. The soundtrack deals with unrequited love and addresses the promiscuity of women in a way society sadly does not. Lite Behaviour is our homage to the girls who carry condoms with them always, whilst Sweet Toothache is about sucking off an ice cream man. We wanted to re-release a more polished I’m In Love With My Best Friend as the original was recorded in Simon’s bedroom when Ellie wasn’t fully aware of her voice yet. I Am Champagne is one that parents can get behind with its message that you don’t need champagne and cocaine to have fun.“