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January 26, 2018

We’ve been sharing Tep No’s music for several years now, and it’s rare that we ever fall short on extolling one of the Toronto producer and musician’s fine compositions. What started out as a love affair with Tep No’s chill melodic electronica has since bloomed into a full on obsession with his resourceful versatility, as demonstrated on new single I’m Evil, which sees him venturing into more tropical future soundscapes with the spry frisky, punchy electrifying anthem. The tantalizing tune is playful and sprightly, which is night and day from some of his earlier offerings. Even if an inkling of Tep No is actually “evil” we wouldn’t believe it, not when the producer can make us feel the glorious way we feel with such a synth pumping swooner and his dashing R&B pop vocals. Continue jamming out to Tep No on Soundcloud, here.