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September 15, 2015

The latest producer to take on super producer Kaskade’s heart rending electronic anthem Disarm You, featuring Ilsey, is Connecticut’s BKAYE. Crafted for a remix competition, BKAYE’s Disarm You is a whomping, leaping creature of magnificence. If cinematic trap were a genre name, this would be a defining specimen of the classification. Uplifting progressions and breathtaking drops take us on noble journey fit for royalty. You can vote for BKAYE’s striking remix, here.

August 28, 2015

Disarm You, featuring Ilsey, is one of several incredible tracks Kaskade has been revealing off his AUTOMATIC album, out next month. But guess who’s remixed the already magnificent tune and transformed it into the most majestic, cinematic, and moving experience, ever? Denver’s ILLENIUM, that’s who! And we all know what to expect when an ILLENIUM track comes our way… the most spectacular melodic dubstep, charged to the fullest with intense emotion. ILLENIUM’s remix of Disarm You tugs at every thread of every heart string. There’s nothing left to disarm after. Snag the track for free, here.

July 29, 2015

This new Kaskade is far too good to put off sharing for another day, despite how late it’s getting to be over here in San Francisco. The much beloved American producer enlists Ilsey for her sublimely beautiful vocals on Disarm You, a tidal wave of burning passion and uplifting progressive house. Disarm You builds up from tender, poignant emotion, climbing to an apex of liberating, blooming vitality and intense spirit. Disarm You is Kaskade’s latest single from his forthcoming Warner Bros. / Arkade album.

June 18, 2015


There’s no better way to start off a day of mutual music discovery and appreciation than a hot new remix from San Francisco’s Griffin Stoller. Time sure flies. It’s already summer now, but it feels like yesterday when I first encountering Griffin via his Galantis remix right before he dropped it at SnowGlobe Festival in Lake Tahoe. I suppose, in that respect, it’s very fitting that our new treat, premiering right here on IHM today, is a summery remix, a balmy banger to lose our minds to during the sun soaked days and warm nights of the season. Griffin Stoller offers up a soothing yet uplifting and thrilling remix of Robin Schulz’s infectious anthem Headlights, which, of course, features utterly bewitching vocals by Ilsey. Grab that beach ball, don’t forget your beach towel, and bring this remix along with you to that sun drenched sandy shore, where you’ll dance away in pure bliss to Griffin Stoller’s deep and luscious beats. Headlights follows on Griffin Stoller’s wicked Maroon 5 remix last month, which racked up over half a million plays in that time. It’s obvious this producer is on the quick rise, and he’s from right here in my hood! Grab Griffin’s remix of Robin Schulz’s Headlights for free, here.

April 30, 2015

Dutch production duo The Him send warm shivers of joy through my soul with a beautiful remix of German producer Robin Schulz’s Headlights, featuring Ilsey. Buoyant piano and uplifting chords give the cascading song a bright and magical effect. Suddenly, the world seems that much more of a fabulous place, despite all the ugly things happening in the news of late. We shall persevere!