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August 19, 2017

Seattle project Silver Torches is primarily Erik Walters, who’s also a touring member of both Perfume Genius and David Bazan’s band. Walters is preparing to release his sophomore album with Silver Torches. If I Reach is a taste off of Let It Be A Dream. The synth florid, dusty pensive heartland rock on the track feels like Springsteen gone The War On Drugs. If I Reach is a political allegory, according to Walters. He says, “it’s a love song about finding common ground in a time that feels hopeless and insane, sung from a nihilist perspective. I suppose it’s about how one can’t be without the other, whether it’s the two sides of a divided America or two people trying to figure out how to love and accept each other.” Let It Be A Dream arrives on October 6th. You can pre-order, here