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August 21, 2017

It’s been less than a week since we shared a sleek intoxicating remix of Manila Killa and Robotaki’s I Want You (featuring Matthew John Kurz) by Los Angeles dance duo Party Pupils. As if that fine edit wasn’t already enough to fire us up for Manila Killa and Robotaki’s impending tour together this fall, this remix of I Want You by Austin pair Bronze Whale has arrived to scintillate us, too. The production duo has given I Want You a bright eyed summer trap remix both dulcet soothing and exuberantly thrilling. The original out on Moving Castle is available from iTunes, here. Jam out to more of the Bronze Whale’s tunage on Soundcloud, here.

August 16, 2017

Jumpy synths and a searing voice welcome us into I Want You, our fortuitous first encounter with a South East London pop sensation who goes by the name WØLFFE. She’s hit us hard with a dark glowering yet torrid seductive form of electronica and R&B pop. If its fire and lust, fangs and glitchy edginess you’re drawn to, let WØLFFE entrap you with her dark electropop. I Want You is like Jitter era Grace Mitchell crossed with BANKS. Though she’s rather a mystery to us at this point,


has apparently well loved back home in the UK, where she’s been headlining shows, with her next one on October 4th in London. You can listen to more of her music on Soundcloud, here.

July 7, 2017

The weekend hasn’t even begun yet and I already know it’s going to be an epic one. How do I know this? It’s simple, really. Manila Killa is coming to San Francisco, and I’m going to his sold out show at the Regency Ballroom tomorrow night. I’m really hoping that the adulated producer, also known for his role as one half of esteemed Moving Castle duo Hotel Garuda, will be dropping his fresh new tune with Montreal production talent Robotaki. I Want You, featuring velvet smooth vocals by Miami’s Matthew John Kurz, is a weightless skimming summer anthem. Honeyed pop & fluorescent electronic production meet halfway on I Want You. We dip in its warm glow and sanguine phosphorescence, lost in molten bliss.  Robotaki and Manila Killa’s I Want You is out now on Moving Castle. Stream/download, here.

January 11, 2017

We’re having one of the biggest storms of the season right now in San Francisco. It nearly felt like a hurricane when I was trying to drive home through horrendous traffic earlier tonight. What could be a better time than a night like this to get down to some disco house? We’ll feel warm and cleansed after grooving to this crisp stainless instrumental remix offered up by Finland’s Disco Despair. Except, there’s little to despair over as our spirits rise to his edit of British producer Birdee’s I Want You, a track off the Three Sides Of Love remix package out now on Youth Control. Despite its glamorous plump nu-disco, this I Want You is also dreamy and light. Pouring rain fades into the distant past as I find myself blithely bouncing on pastel hued puffs of feathery clouds. Stream Birdee’s Three Sides of Love remix package, which also featuresRoisto and Colour Vision, in full on Soundcloud.

April 12, 2016

I still remember the day Marian Hill made their San Francisco debut at Popscene. Though it’s been over a year, it feels like it was but yesterday. The Philadelphia based duo are just so mesmerizing with their dusky music, its alluring fusion of jazz, future pop, and R&B such magnetic intoxication. Marian Hill make a sassy, kittenish return on frisky new single I Want You, its coquettish clattering and glitchy teasing endlessly addictive and bewitching. Marian Hill will be releasing their debut album, ACT ONE, on June 24th. They’ll also be playing Outside Lands Music Festival in August, and I can’t wait to hear their new material in Golden Gate Park. 

July 17, 2015

I’m bringing back Flagship’s I Want You, because the North Carolinans have unleashed a music video for the single, and also because the song is such a pounding, driving, explosive force of music to be reckoned with. Stadium ready sweeping cinematics and bold, thunderous, and somber intensity make I Want You an inescapably gripping ode to hungering desire. If you missed the atmospheric remix crafted by Aaron Robertson that I had the honor of premiering a few weeks ago, check it out below. The original is from Flagship’s Faded EP, out now on Bright Antenna Records.

July 1, 2015


Last week, North Carolina’s Flagship succeeded at ravishing my heart with their latest passionate single, I Want You, a heart pumping, grandiose stadium rock anthem. Production newcomer Aaron Robertson permeates the vivid, urgently longing alternative song with a weighty cinematic atmosphere that belies his previous operations in the film score business. Aaron’s official remix of I Want You is dramatic and sweeping in a brand new way. He flushes out some of the tightly wound, broiling edge of the original, replacing it with a arresting quality that’s more expansive and thunderous. It’s a lavishly striking and omnipotent offering from the North Carolina based producer, originally from Columbia/Lexington, South Carolina.

Aaron Robertson graduated from USC. He’s been friends and musical acquaintances with Flagship for years, and he fell in love with I Want You once the band showed him the song. It’s that same love which lends itself well to stimulating the natural flow of inspiration, as it does even when writing about music. The end result of that love shines blazing bright on Aaron’s profoundly resonating remix, an explosion of turbulent, voracious, and eternal aspiration that preserves much of the original’s indie rock greatness, but sheds new light on it. It booms and roars with a vast, cosmic strength. The original is off Flagship’s new EP, Faded, out July 10th on Bright Antenna Records. The band is currently supporting Good Old War on tour.

June 24, 2015

Everyone, get up and celebrate, by, uh, dancing of course! Because Los Angeles’ Elephante has unleashed a brand new original. Each time he drops a new one, I’m convinced it’s my favorite Elephante track, yet each time I find my confidence shattered as he enraptures me with his latest. He teams up with Rumors for a dashing, wubbling power anthem named I Want You, blending together dubstep, electro, and progressive into one ginormous, earth shaking smash that’s as melodically sparkling and passionately emotive as it is a fist pumping banger. Though I Want You isn’t Elephante’s debut original, it is his debut on Armin van Burren’s legendary label Armada Records! People are going to gobble this one up, and go wild to it live! I seem to be one of those people. Download Elephante’s colossal new tune on iTunes, or listen on Spotify, or get the extended mix on Beatport.

June 18, 2015

This week, Flagship revealed the first song off their coming EP, Faded, out July 10th via Bright Antenna Records. I Want You is a thumping, spirited, and passionate rocker from the North Carolina based band. Their sound is as cinematic as ever, with a vigor that could move whole stadiums and arenas. To call I Want You “grand” would nearly be an understatement. Boasting a pop flavored chorus and a tightly wound intensity, I Want You is a song that will stay with you for long afterwards. Flagship will be supporting another band I’m fond of, Good Old War, on several dates in July in support of their new EP. 

February 26, 2015

Soaring with such luminosity and spirited energy is this remix of emerging UK singer songwriter Remi Miles’ I Want You, the lead single off his debut EP Under Light Symphonies. British dance act Chimes gives the song an indie electronic makeover that takes it to progressive house territory on some of its uplifting build ups and drops. It’s one made for some massive, vicarious dancing.