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June 20, 2016

KRNE is without a doubt one of my favorite rising trap producers of the moment, and I’m also immensely proud that he comes from Oakland, right here in the Bay. When I first caught wind that his new track would be a remix of another favorite trap act of mine, Toronto’s Keys N Krates, I was ecstatic! I knew this track would be a burning inferno of fierceness even before I first listened to it. KRNE gives Keys N Krates’ I Know U a whomping glorious, future bass wavey makeover. The epic dramatic remix is heroic and resolute, the soundtrack for some untold legend or saga. The details of that story are irrelevant, all that matters is this magnificent sojourn that KRNE so vividly takes us on with his remix. His I Know U remix is part of Midnight Mass EP (The Remixes), just released on Dim Mak and available via iTunes.

August 31, 2015

It’s always cause for celebration when Keys N Krates drops a new one. The Canadian trio is still one of my favorite electronic and trap production acts, with their SOLOW EP still ranking very high up on my favorite EP lists. I’ve caught them live and watched them command the crowd like a boss so many times over. They now return with a killer taste from an upcoming EP. I Know U is a sensational new treat from the trio, alternating between frenzied intensity and dramatically tense, drawn out moments. It pops, snaps, chops, wobbles, and whirls, whipping up a melancholy hued frenzy in the process. I Know U is out now on Dim Mak and available on iTunes.