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May 30, 2018

A very serendipitous jaunt through Soundcloud land brought me to SONTALK earlier this month, at which I found myself immediately transfixed by their dusty rolling sound on I Am A War Machine. I had to do a little digging to find out about the band, but I learned that SONTALK is a project created by Joseph LeMay, an already much respected Americana artist. As SONTALK, he recently released a three track EP named Act I, which you can stream/download, here. I Am A War Machine draws me in with its jaunty rhythm and reedy drawl, both which remind me of The War On Drugs. Maybe heartland rock inspired bands really like utilizing the word “war” in their names or song titles, or maybe this is a coincidence, but it’s obvious there’s a new alt/indie rock band on the block to fall hard for. Sadly, we just missed out on SONTALK’s tour stop in San Francisco earlier this month. Perhaps they’ll hit the road again soon, or so we hope.