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March 13, 2018

Hudson Mohawke’s Chimes is a classic in my book. Though I haven’t listened to it in awhile, the moment that progressive melody hit my ears raised all the serotonin levels in my brain to the max. And now, Basenji, another much revered production legend, has released his bootleg of Chimes. You should be no stranger to the remix if you’ve caught Basenji live. But to be able to dive into its breaking Jersey Club/garage styled intricacies whenever we want is a generous gift from the music gods. It’s almost as if Jamie xx and HudMo came together on a track. In other words, this is brilliantly divine. Basenji’s bootleg marks the beginning of a whole month of fresh releases from the producer. You can catch the Sydney artist back home in Australia this spring when he embarks on tour. Dates can be found, here.

January 9, 2018

To be honest, I’m not sure what exactly “foxy boxing” is, even though I grew up watching a moderate amount of the sport due to my dad’s love of watching boxing matches on television. It’s a rather brutal sport, yet strategically mesmeric at the same time. I guess boxing can be crafty and shrewd, as demonstrated by Mayweather during his infamous win over Pacquiao a few years ago. UK producer Hudson Mohawke shows his cunning skills on Foxy Boxing, the esteemed artist’s new single, which he previously dropped during a Boiler Room set years prior. It’s impossible to find fault when it comes to HudMo and his intricate compositions. Riveting drum pad work and twisting, swiveling beats intertwine effusively on the hypnotic hip hop and electronic track, which arrives as part of LuckyMe’s Advent Calendar series. I may not be a boxer, but HudMo momentarily makes me feel like I might have the footwork of a boxer with his rapid fire limberness and athletic sonic agility. Download the track from LuckyMe, here, and check out the rest of releases from the series.

July 21, 2016

Hudson Mohawke’s Chimes was one of the best songs of 2015, a magnificent and operatic instrumental trap masterpiece that the world heard many times over, thanks to a much deserved feature on a MacBook television advert. Normally, something as epic as Chimes is probably best left untouched in all its prestigious glory, but a new flip by Alexander Lewis and Y2K shows us exactly how amazing a well forged, brilliantly thought out edit can be. The producers link up to give Chimes a makeover that, ironically enough, is less “chime-y” but more orchestral regal, utilizing additional piano chords, strings, and more to make this an even more majestic and triumphant march, a resolute Blue Danube of  trap, if you will. Download Alexander Lewis and Y2K’s magnificent re-imagination of Chimes from Toneden.

April 17, 2016

A new Hudson Mohawke treat is by itself a sure to be sweet and welcome delight, but a HudMo remix of Boards Of Canada can only be jaw dropping, face melting spectacular. The brilliance of the two Scottish acts combine on Hudson Mohawke’s remix of the experimental electronic duo’s Amo Bishop Roden. There’s a trap grittiness to the magnificent, expansive remix. It’s atmospheric upon atmospheric when these two behemoths combine. Let HudMo take you on an astronomical adventure that spans space, time, and worlds.

July 21, 2015

If you haven’t listened to Hudson Mohawke’s incredible album Lantern yet, you need to. It’s one of this year’s best albums, a wicked gallery of soul moving, brain jiggling, heart pummeling music by the Scottish hip hop and electronic producer. The album also features some wicked collaborations, one of which is this smooth, gentler track, Warriors, featuring Ruckazoid and Devaeux. The video even stars Pusha T as the titular warrior. Warriors itself is a gospel imbued, near spiritual aria.

May 16, 2015

Hudson Mohawke’s latest single is just too dang good, and it now boasts an odd yet captivating music video. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with all the music videos, music names, and album art work lately that has Asian influenced language in it, but it’s a pretty cool movement, in my opinion. The video begs a re-share of spectacular Very First Breath, which features French vocalist Irfane. I still recall being surprised when the song first surfaced, as it’s likely the most melodic and pop imbued offering from HudMo, but punctuated by the gratifying synths, chimes, and 808s we expect of his music. Very First Breath is from Hudson Mohawke’s forthcoming album Lantern, which I’ve already pre-ordered. Of course. It’s due for release on June 16th via Warp.

May 8, 2015

In another union of epic proportions, Colorado’s StéLouse has remixed Hudson Mohawke’s Irfane featuring and surprisingly melodic Very First Breath. StéLouse’s edit, which he describes as a quick little remix he made for fun, is a magnificent future bass treat with some of most thrilling oscillations and wobbles I’ve heard in awhile. This is what I’d call gratifying, brazen ear candy.

March 25, 2015

When I saw that there was new Hudson Mohawke, I knew we were going to get our faces melted. HudMo’s Chimes is still one of my top favorite electronic tunes from 2014, and now, he’s returned with Very First Breath, which features French chanteuse Irfane, to join my slowly growing favorites list of 2015. Very First Breath is the very first taste from HudMo’s new album Lantern, out June 16th on Warp. And it commands me to pre-order the album as soon as the opportunity arises. Very First Breath carries HudMo’s signature trap beats and gratifying bass, though this one’s likely the most melodic pop track from him yet. 

January 19, 2015

I actually had a few weekend bangers I ran out of time on Friday that I’d like to get to your ears before the weekend’s over, including this killer edit of TNGHT’s Acrylics by RL Grime. It’s an invigorating, bouncing re-working of the original collaboration between Hudson Mohawke and Lunice. It’s too bad TNGHT is no longer a duo, but all three of these acts have been giving us such amazing filthy tunes solo.

August 21, 2014

Brooklyn based Connecticut hip hop artist OnCue has been on my artist to watch list ever since he came at us with Staring At The Stars last year, which utilized TV On The Radio’s Staring At The Sun, a song very dear to me. In my opinion, he’s right on the brink of being a huge household name with his latest, the catchy, bright So Much Love. The track is impressively produced by Hudson Mohawke and Just Blaze, too. So Much Love will be on OnCue’s forthcoming mixtape Angry Young Man, out September 3 and executive produced by Just Blaze.