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December 13, 2016

It’s a French affair as Parisian production geniuses Androma and Kulkid partner up for the very first time to deliver make our bodies move. Make My Body Move makes me wonder why we don’t have requisite morning dance parties every Tuesday. Frisky piano chords join a deep bounce for a classic soulful house affair. Make My Body Move is sweet infectious elixir to my ears. It’ll easily lift your spirits and invigorate you, too. Make My Body Move is out now on Homerun House. Grab your copy of the track from major services, here.

October 19, 2016

[PREMIERE] Henry Krinkle – Lifted

Henry Krinkle has been an electronic heavy weight on our radar for nearly as long as IHM has existed. Who can forget the producer’s timeless masterpiece, Stay? It’s hard to believe it’s been four long years since that sensational original first liquefied our hearts. In the interim, the Los Angeles based producer has continued to enamor and enchant us with a splendid array of remixes and originals, which leads us now to Lifted, a brand new track that will be on house music collective and digital record label Homerun House’s inaugural compilation release, Hall Of Fame Vol. 1

This massive compendium of sensational electronic tunes is set to arrive on Halloween, a rather appropriate choice considering the manner in which Lifted hypnotizes and mesmerizes. Henry Krinkle takes an unexpectedly dark and experimental route on his heady house jam. Lifted is restless and intense, an adrenaline pumping joyride that “lifts” us from ominously foreboding chasms to exuberantly lavish peaks of revelry. This deep acidic and future garage compound is substantially different from Henry Krinkle’s prior music, and it’s wickedly scintillating. You can snag Lifted as a limited free download, here, but it’s highly recommended that you check out Homerun House’s compilation, Hall Of Fame Vol. 1, come spooky ol’ Halloween day. Listen to more tracks from the record over at Homerun House’s Soundcloud.