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April 20, 2018

Who else, but fast rising production star Shallou could give Petit Biscuit a truly proper remix treatment? The Chicago songwriting and production talent has given Petit Biscuit’s collaboration with Lido, Problems, a jaw dropping re-imagination. You can even watch some of the process via a music video for the remix above. The original version of the song has surpassed 20 million streams. Shallou’s remix comes just as Petit Biscuit is making his Coachella debut these weekends. Both artists are without a doubt some of the most exciting producers in the scene right now, future music magnates in the making. Problems gets a celestial and ethereal re-working in Shallou’s expert hands. The spry and sprightly Odesza and Slow Magic like remix is pure euphoria, a true celebration of love. Shallou will be releasing his new Souls EP on April 27th. Indulge in a dreamy sparkling taste off the EP by streaming Vignette below. Let is float you high up into a fluorescent sky. Pre-order Souls, here.

November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the holidays will soon be following on its heels. You know what that means. It’s time for us to start sharing some choice seasonal cuts from the indie and electronic scene! Today sees the arrival of a fabulous compilation from We Are: The Guard, a crowd sourced music label for indie and alternative pop, and they’re kicking off our holiday season with a magnificent array of tunes from plenty of IHM favorites, including covers and songs from Cappa, Jamie Lidell, Brandyn Burnette, Janelle Kroll, JMR, Alxxa, MXMS, Kyan Palmer, Micky Blue, and Dog Orchestra, as well as this verdant jingling treat from Los Angeles alt-R&B/electropop artist DENM. He warms us up and coddles our ears with a fuzzy synth and balmy psych pop twist on holiday classic The Christmas Song. DENM’s cover is the perfect accompaniment to a holiday spent in the tropics, but it’s also going to keep you cozy and content on a cold snowy night, too. So roast those chestnuts and get that eggnog ready, we’ve got a fine winter ahead of us with DENM and the rest of this compilation to keep us company. You can stream the rest of We Are: The Guard’s Indie Christmas compilation, here. We’ll be sharing more selections off the release in the coming days.

December 22, 2016

Saxophone and guitar seem to be prime holiday spirits conveyors, so when German production duo Saxity unveiled their take on Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, I knew right away that this will be a fantastic sleigh ride. They enlist Georgian singer songwriter Victor Perry’s buttery quivering voice for their snazzy resplendent holiday house jam. If it’s a holiday dance party you want, particularly one that still stays very true to the heartwarming feels of the season, bump this one loud and prepare to boogie the night away. Download the luxuriant and elegant groover for free, here.

December 21, 2016

I’m loving this updated blast from the past that Vienna’s MÖWE offers up as a generous pre-Christmas present. The duo take us back to 2001 with their fresh rendition of Around The World, that insanely infectious ATC hit that I couldn’t help but adore back in the day. MÖWE’s Around The World features vocals by London native Lisa Pac. The original’s irresistible melody is joined by resplendent buzzing synths and rhapsodic drops. MÖWE’s crystal glimmering, snowy enchanting melodic bass is a sonorous holiday playlist must. You can download Around The World for free, here.

February 4, 2016

It’s a balmy, beach languorous form of psych rock and reggae fusion that Ocean Alley brings us on new single Holiday. The Sydney based six piece band take me on a laid back, lilting trip down the coast with the song, lifted from their forthcoming debut album Lost Tropics, due out this April. Kick back, relax, and tap along to Holiday’s ambling groove and cool, bluesy saunter. A music video will be released in the coming weeks for Holiday.

December 26, 2015

We must have been very good boys and girls this year, because Santa brought us a very special present this morning. Defunct legends LCD Soundsystem came out of retirement for a brief moment with a brand new Christmas song. LCD Soundsystem! Who we never thought we’d ever hear from again! Sway away to mopey, not at all dance punky Christmas Will Break Your Heart, which in some ways serves to remind me of the sad fact that LCD Soundsystem is no more. James Murphy reports that he’s been singing this one to himself for eight years, but finally decided to record it.

December 26, 2015

Yes, I know it’s not Christmas anymore in much of the world, for those of us still rolling in gift wrap with our bellies full from a fantastic feast, here’s one of the Christmas treats that surfaced this morning. Baltimore synthwave project Future Islands, one of my favorite bands, shared a cover of Wham!’s classic holiday hit, Last Christmas. It’s not everyday we hear Samuel Herring crooning a saccharine Christmas song, with no death metal rolls and no rapping, but today’s the day.

December 24, 2015

Yes, indeed, it’s Christmas Eve, but there are some delicious tunes that I need to jump on IHM to share before I spend the rest of the day inundated in magical Christmas music and surrounded by warm holiday cheer. But before we get far too joyful as present opening morning gets closer by the hour, let’s stew in some somber moody bliss with Will Butler, who, like he did last year, released a song to go along with the holidays. City on a Hill is magnificent. It slices sharply into my heart with its gloomy sparse grandeur. Never has Will reminded me of his brother Win more, and I have a soft spot for that Butler voice. There’s a raw starkness to City on a Hill, an outright frankness and veracity that punches me right in the gut much in the same way that some of Majical Cloudz’s music has in the past. Download Will Butler’s City On A Hill from Soundcloud.

December 24, 2015

Los Angeles’ The Mowgli’s join in on the Christmas fun with their own contribution to the swath of holiday music filling our ears this week. The Xmas Song is the band’s official holiday track, and it’s an adorably heart warming ballad sure to make you feel all warm and cozy inside. While some holiday music tends to bring on waves of melancholic gloom, this one’s ‘a sit contently by the fire and snuggle up with your loved ones’ tune. The Xmas Song is a glass half full treat, one that would pair very nicely with yet another viewing Love Actually.

December 22, 2015

Though this one’s not new, A Silent Film just made it available on Soundcloud again, likely timed to coincide with the current wintry time of year. Where Snowbirds Have Flown is far too pretty of a melting song from the Oxford alt rock band not to fit it in for a share this Christmas week. Its strings seem connected to my own heart, and its expansive, cinematic melancholy is ever affecting. We’re having a very stormy day here in the Bay, but despite my despise of cold climate, there’s a part of me that really wishes I could take a peaceful. cleansing walk over snow covered meadows tonight, while listening to this twinkling song. Buy this perfect Holiday lullaby on iTunes.