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October 29, 2016

Los Angeles alt pop trio The Federal Empire has quickly risen to be one of the most exciting emerging indie bands of the moment. They just released a stellar debut EP today named The American Dream, and though I’m itching to wax poetic over that gem of a record, you’ll have to wait till later this weekend to hear me babble about it. For now, we’re diving into their collaboration with celebrated Dutch producer Martin Garrix, Hold On & Believe. The song is a heartfelt dance anthem, one which The Federal Empire themselves told me they feel is an important song for everyone struggling. It’s indeed a lifting and inspiring song, one with grand builds and majestic progressions. A proverbial sun rises in my mind and bathes everything with golden optimism as my spirit rises to Martin Garrix’s feel good progressive house. The Federal Empires’ earthy endearing vocals emit a warm glow as they accompany us like old friends through this magnanimous journey. Hold On & Believe is out now on iTunes.