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August 4, 2017

Astronomyy’s Falling Autumn was the first time we ever heard of a Brooklyn chanteuse named Alayna. She lent her finespun vocals to the song, and that delicate and supple voice left us shivering in tender bliss. Fast forward nearly half a year, and this striking new artist has made her official debut with a silky melting single named High On You. Its gently caressing soul and elegantly fluttering R&B truly leaves us high, as if floating on a soft swaying breeze. A touch of future bass surges ever gingerly on the song, almost like What So Not and George Maple, or Flume and Kai, gone super fleecy and light, dreamy and ethereal. It’s no wonder the song’s soundscape is so breathtakingly beautiful. On production duty is ever brilliant Maths Time Joy. But it’s obvious who the star of the show is… Alayna’s immaculate vocals. High On You is out now via 20XX. Purchase from iTunes, here.