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December 21, 2017

A few weeks ago, Porter Robinson dropped his first EP as Virtual Self, and that five track release is a dream of a sonic excursion for this ex-raver and epic trance-head. It was almost like Porter read my mind and knew my heart. The tracks off of Virtual Self’s self-titled EP make for fine remixing fodder, and Los Angeles producer Hex Cougar, one of our favorite rising electronic artists this year, has given Ghost Voices a wicked makeover. He permeates the track with a grittier dubstep feel by adding guttural shuddering bass and a sense of dark urgency, but Virtual Self’s atmospheric trance still runs deep in the remix’s backbone. The masterful remix is a free download, here.

October 6, 2017

A “hex” is a spell or a curse. A “cougar” can of course, be interpreted in a myriad of ways, too, whether literally or not. But I’d imagine this dexterous production cat from LA is alluding to that majestic and fierce creature of the wild, and the “hex” he always casts on us with his music is by far a blessing and not a curse. Hex Cougar takes us on a profound and cosmic journey with his intensely cinematic new trap meets dubstep track, Agatha, which he says he wrote about a dark part of his life. It’s gripping and atmospheric, a hypnotic thriller with plenty of suspenseful twists and restless turns. Agatha is a free download, here.

January 5, 2017

All current drama aside, there’s no denying the brilliance of electronic pioneer deadmau5, who continues to impress and thrill with his ever changing, ever shifting music, whether what Joel drops pleases each and every taste varied electronica head out there or not. Whatever incredible music Joel chooses to play at his sets, there’s no forgetting how immense of a moment it is every time you’ve heard Raise Your Weapon live. Each time is a shiver inducing, transcendental moment, an instance when you’re reminded you don’t need any other exterior stimulation except music to achieve the greatest of all highs. LA’s Hex Cougar pays tribute to the track, one which he considers a favorite of all time. The producer puts a magnificent spin on the timeless masterpiece, giving it a future bass and melodic trap makeover suffused with breathtaking rises and gut punching drops. Download Hex Cougar’s exhilarating remix, here.

November 18, 2016

LA based producer Hex Cougar continues to live up to his name as he sleekly and dashingly casts a ferocious spell on us with Sex U, a wicked flip of Bando Jonez’ Sex You. It’s a flushed feverish, vibrant fluctuating explosion of future bass and trap on this exhilarating beast of a tune. Wigged out synths, deep chords, and thunderous percussion raise my heart rate to a million beats a minute. Snag Sex U for free from Toneden.

July 9, 2016

We’ve been fans of Hex Cougar’s intoxicating electronic soundscapes for some time now, but the Los Angeles producer hasn’t dropped an official single until now. Behold War & Peace, which features the vocal and songwriting talent of Jarell Perry. A song named War & Peace has got to be an epic affair, and sure enough, War & Peace is magnificent. It’s a stalwart and resolute saga delivered with rousing future bass swells and slamming trap drums. Jarell Perry’s stunning vocals near break under the pressure of riveting emotion. Life itself suddenly seems more immense and cinematic, soundtracked by this towering intense song. Download War & Peace from Toneden.

June 25, 2015

Listen to this and tell me it isn’t brilliantly crafted and crazy good! Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams is a timeless classic, a song I grew up listening to and will always love. There’s no denying the inimitable, unrivaled talent of Annie Lennox. Yet here we are, diving into the soft folds of another voice, surrounded by an incredibly intoxicating future bass soundscape, on an exhilarating cover that will sweep you off your feet and blow your mind. At the helm of this spectacular treat is Los Angeles’ Hex Cougar, who enlists the enchanting, plush vocals of Holly Henry for the cover. There’s a RL Grime and Lido like level of trap effervescence and bubbliness on this unexpected rendition of Sweet Dreams. Sweet Dreams has never been more honeyed and more dreamy.