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April 7, 2018

Man, I’ve seen Foster The People at my first Coachella, Big Gigantic last year, but I need me some The Knocks at Coachella soon. Anyways, New York’s finest production duo released a remix package of their of fire track Ride or Die and Big Gigantic didn’t fail in bringing the heat. I can’t even finish writing about this inferno since the heat has my fingertips rising off the keyboard in an attempt to fan the flames. 

January 26, 2018

A torrid and slinky, electrifying and sultry energy is more than apparent on Austrian duo Leyya’s latest single, Heat. It trots with a chic groove and a whole lot of confidence, and it’s now accompanied by a fresh video directed by Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt, who wanted to capture that very energy and transfer it using the concept of a girl gang. The clip is crafted as a critical and humorous view on female emancipation and the suspense-packed times we live in. The video hits the bulls eye considering our current state of affairs, plus its indie/alt pop soundtrack is more than superb. Heat is lifted from Leyya’s new album Sauna, out tomorrow, January 26th, via Las Vegas Records / + 1 Records. 

September 16, 2017

“Heat (It covers everything)” wraps around us with its synthwave ripples and lavish dreamscape from the start. I guess you can say it covers us from head to toe with its luxuriant opulence. The track comes from Japan’s ever intoxicating The fin., who spent their summer in the UK releasing tracks made perfectly for the summer sun. “Heat (It covers everything)” is the end of summer and the start of autumn. I can almost feel the a fall breeze tickling my skin while a brilliant sun peaks through the rustling leaves of tree all around us. That cool wind fights with the remains of a late summer heat wave. We shiver, at once cold and warm, as The fin.’s atmospheric dream pop and ambient rock winds its shimmering way through our hearts. Those in the UK can catch The fin. on tour this fall with KOYO and LITE.

May 15, 2017

Earlier this month, The Knocks dropped a remix pack for their sizzling hot single HEAT, featuring Sam Nelson Harris, which is honestly just what we need on this cool San Francisco morning (we don’t get much of a warm spring and even less of a hot summer most years). Among its fine ranks is this balmy crisp remix by British duo Toyboy & Robin. Future meets retro on the cool gliding, ocean glimmering edit, which could have easily come from a modernized Miami Vice soundtrack, if they were to do another revival of that series. Close your eyes, pump up the volume, and you’ll find yourself magically cruising a sunset shoreline in a classic red Testarossa.  You can stream The Knocks’ Heat Remixes in full on Soundcloud, here. It features additional edits by MishCat Skolhaus, Wet, Manila Killa, and Dep & Rash. 

November 21, 2016

Appropriately named, Manila Killa remixes The Knocks’ track ‘Heat’. I wonder if the signature lyric – I feel good, I feel great – comes from the 1991 Bill Murray movie “What About Bob?”. Regardless, this track is absolutely incendiary.

October 25, 2016

The Knocks’ debut album 55 was without a doubt one of my favorite mood lifting soundtracks throughout spring and summer. The NY dance duo made this long time fan proud with their star studded record. 55 reached across genres and kept us dancing & entertained from start to finish. B-Roc and JPatt make a surprise appearance today with a brand new tune, making this one fabulous Monday indeed. HEAT, which features molten crooning by Sam Nelson Harris, is a luscious burning escapade. The tropical smooth, soulful sleek track is a departure from The Knocks’ disco permeated bangers, once again proving the duo’s exceptionally diverse talent. 

April 2, 2016

Seattle dream pop duo Liyv make a stunning impression with gorgeous and rhapsodic new single, Heat. Surprisingly, there seems to be very few music heads aware of this duo despite the stirring beauty of Liyv’s future pop. Heat is ethereally wistful and breathtakingly radiant. Heat emits Kygo like tropical warmth alongside its Odesza like effervescence. The duo are in the midst of a song a month series, and I find myself looking forward to future editions of their ongoing campaign. 

May 5, 2015

Los Angeles newcomer Waves & Waves rolled on to the scene a few months ago with a terrific indie electronic sound that had many music fans riveted from the get go. Each of the solo proejct’s offerings so far have been chock full undulating synths and rousing emotion. Heat is his latest silken smooth synthpop offering. Like prior songs, there’s a sweeping vastness to the new wavey, sleek gem that swells majestically, like the waves of the ocean he’s named himself after. Heat is from Waves & Waves’ upcoming album, Synesthesia, a sure to be emotionally cathartic listen.