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December 15, 2015

As we reach the end of the year, plenty of people are offering up their best of 2015 lists, but I’ve always felt uncomfortable making a best albums of 2015 list because it’s impossible for me to have enough time to evaluate all the well received full length albums that were released this year. Despite the sheer amount of albums I purchase and enjoy, there are so many more that I don’t have the time to listen to in full. But, if I were to make a top albums list for this year, somewhere on that list would undoubtedly be Purity Ring’s sophomore album Another Eternity. Corin and Megan offered up such another euphoric dose of their glitch hop and future pop resplendence on the album, for which they also supported with a magnificent tour earlier this year. Today, the much beloved Canadian duo, who’ve gone from playing tiny little dive venues to huge cavernous spaces and somehow managed to retain an intimate charm and a bewitching mystique, unveiled a video for Another Eternity track heartsigh. Megan James lurches and tumbles through a backdrop of darkness and glowing shapes and lanterns, much reminding me of Purity Ring’s live show. Any reason to revisit heartsigh or any song from Another Eternity is much welcome here.