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May 30, 2018

A very serendipitous jaunt through Soundcloud land brought me to SONTALK earlier this month, at which I found myself immediately transfixed by their dusty rolling sound on I Am A War Machine. I had to do a little digging to find out about the band, but I learned that SONTALK is a project created by Joseph LeMay, an already much respected Americana artist. As SONTALK, he recently released a three track EP named Act I, which you can stream/download, here. I Am A War Machine draws me in with its jaunty rhythm and reedy drawl, both which remind me of The War On Drugs. Maybe heartland rock inspired bands really like utilizing the word “war” in their names or song titles, or maybe this is a coincidence, but it’s obvious there’s a new alt/indie rock band on the block to fall hard for. Sadly, we just missed out on SONTALK’s tour stop in San Francisco earlier this month. Perhaps they’ll hit the road again soon, or so we hope. 

March 30, 2018

Los Angeles based duo Lean enraptured us a few months ago with funk tinged rock on Heatwave after having made their acclaimed debut in 2017, and now they’ve already revealed details regarding their debut full length! Years, which will be out on May 25th, features this fantastic first single, Inaction, a twangy chugging The War On Drugs meets retro-hued, infectiously rocking TEN FÉ sort of timeless jam. Stephen Johnson of Lean explains: “‘Inaction’ is different from other Lean songs because it’s not about any specific personal experience or people. It’s just a general impression of how all people are and particularly some of our worst qualities.” Inaction can be found on Apple Music, here, or Spotify, here.

March 30, 2018

We’re still majorly obsessing over Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s recent releases (and their fabulous band name). Fever Pitch could easily be one of the year’s best alt releases to date, and Holy War was a treat of a slinky scampering track, too. In case you missed our feature of the songs, please make your way over to the post, here. You can thank us later. The North Carolina band is gearing up to release their new album “How to: Friend, Love, Freefall” soon on April 6th. As we countdown the days to its arrival, take in the band’s melodic riffs and chunky bass lines of dusty drawling Hide. The album is obviously shaping up to be an excellent release. A hint of Modest Mouse’s wandering whimsicality saturates the laid back saunter of a tune. Pre-order Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s new album, here.

March 22, 2018

If it’s a warm, hearty slice of cinematic alt pop and sentimental coastal rock you’re craving for, I suggest you turn your attention to Devon band Tuesday Syndicate and their disarming new single, Hourglass, out tomorrow on May Day Music. Its husky twirling, dulcet lifting effusion of emotion-strewn magnificence has drawn comparisons to Mumford & Sons as well as James Bay. Tuesday Syndicate originally formed as an acoustic folk outfit five years ago. The UK band is said to be greatly influenced by their coastal surroundings, and they’re out on a mission to evoke the rousing splendor of the sea in their impassioned sonic creations. You can keep up with the dashing lads on their website, here

February 20, 2018

In the short time MONA’s new music video for their single Kiss Like A Woman’s been out, it’s already picked up a massive amount of streams on YouTube. Not only does the video convey a much needed message of acceptance, love, and freedom, but it accompanies a ravishing garage rock brawler from the Nashville based Ohio veterans. Kiss Like A Woman is a rowdy and exhilarating celebration of love, dusty yet full of life and zest. And it’s insanely catchy, too. The single is our first taste of a forthcoming project from the band. Snag the track, here.

February 3, 2018

Just before I dove into writing up a fresh set of features for the day, I decided to rummage through YouTube one last time to see if I could turn up any new gems. That’s when I came across VODI, a seven piece independent band from Houston, Texas. They recently put forth a music video for their single, Pressure, and I found myself immediately drawn into their dusty rolling rock, which very much reminds me of bands like The War On Drugs and Fleetwood Mac,  both of whom I love dearly. Right away, I knew. I had to find more of VODI’s music. Upon digging deeper, I came to realize that VODI’s debut album Talk, which came out last year, is something to cherish. Its a nourishing nine track record, whose twangy guitars and melancholic drawls are weathered and worn, like your favorite leather jacket, or those tattered jeans that hug your hips perfectly. VODI is soothing and comforting, even while they pluck at the very scars that still adorn your weary heart. Punctuating many of their songs are fine moments of spacey psychedelic elements that add to the depth and captivation of their music. Stream debut album Talk below and support on iTunes, here. Trust me, you won’t regret it, and you just might find yourself falling head over heels for VODI, like I did.

September 27, 2017

It’s a good thing that Cincinnati alt-folk favorites Motherfolk are re-releasing their sophomore album Fold, because I’ve somehow missed out on these guys up till this week. Their music, which the band describes as “indie rock with a twinge of modern folk”, is apparently instantly infectious and earthy charming. Just watch their new music video for Ryder Robinson, an outstanding track from Fold. It’s a song that reminds me of WATERS and Grouplove with a Midwest hearty robustness and a bit of early Starfucker’s melodiousness vivacity. Motherfolk’s deluxe edition of their album Fold arrives October 13th just before they embark on a string of tour dates with Sherwood. Pre-order via Pledge Music, here.

September 16, 2017

New The Killers song Some Kind Of Love is said to be inspired by Brian Eno, who’s even credited as a songwriter on the track. Some Kind Of Love draws heavily from Brian Eno’s 1983 song An Ending (Ascent). It’s a serenely meandering, ambient roaming beauty, topped off with Brandon Flowers’ signature vocals and the Vegas heartthrobs’ trademark heartland twang. Some Kind Of Love drips with optimism and hope. It’s the heartening and inspiring anthem we all need. New The Killers album Wonderful Wonderful arrives September 22nd on Island Records, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are wild with excitement for the release. If you haven’t pre-ordered the album yet, you can do so, here.

September 9, 2017

My heart rate rises in endless excitement every time new The Federal Empire surfaces. We’ve been eagerly watching the Los Angeles based alt pop project’s steady ascent in the scene. The band, in case you need a refresher, consists of Chad Wolf, well known for his roll in Carolina Liar, and Grammy nominated songwriter McKay Stevens. Their debut EP, The American Dream, was well received as we previously projected. The Federal Empire doesn’t miss a beat as they enthrall their growing mass of fans with a new earthy pastoral, propulsive stomping alt rock anthem named You and Drugs. It’s earnest, bright eyed, and windswept, yet wildly exhilarating and vastly sprawling. If The Federal Empire is a music drug, then call me addicted. You can stream The Federal Empire’s debut EP, The American Dream, here, on Soundcloud.

August 29, 2017

My love for angular guitars is so strong that it only took a second to get me hooked on MOSS’ My Decision. We’ve featured a whole lot of Dutch producers and electronic artists, but this time around, we’re going Dutch rock with this five piece Amsterdam band, who’ve served up an absolutely hooking fusion of post-punk and synth permeated roots rock on My Decision. It’s a phenomenal concoction that sits somewhere between The War On Drugs and DIIV. My Decision can be found on iTunes, here.