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February 24, 2018

Dan Masters of Margate, England introduces us to his new project, Healthy Bones, with a first slick strumming single named Take It From Me. With his five bandmates, Healthy Bones aims to put the emphasis back onto organic performance and live instruments. Take It From Me exhibits their conviction with panache. Its glossy sashay channels some Haelos, Formation, and Her, but framed in a more organic soundscape with soulful backing vocals, driving drum rhythms, and earthy strums. Masters says “It is a slight ‘reaction’ to what I believe is the overuse of technology out of laziness and not for the benefit of the music, which I think is becoming more common. Creative use of technology can help push boundaries and create amazing soundscapes which I am a huge fan of, but I think a lot of current music lacks personality and a human element.“ Masters has amassed an impressive amount of airplay across BBC Radio 1 & 2, 6Music, and Radio X with previous projects and his re-emergence under the Healthy Bones guise marks a welcome ear perking, confident strutting return.