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December 5, 2017

JATA, the solo project helmed by Berlin based singer songwiter and producer Jacob Vetter, has a knack for seducing our hearts with his sleek curling, smooth ravishing brand of retro-futuristic electronic R&B. He recently released a beats lavish, synth entwining single named Mephisto, for which he’s also released an intimately riveting live video which you can view below. Mephisto is lifted from JATA’s debut album Mexico, which can be streamed/purchased, here.

October 24, 2017

By fortuitous chance, we encountered an enigmatic production project on Soundcloud the other day named DIVINE. As you’ve probably figured out from following IHM in the past, this music head is incredibly fond of the dark and haunting. DIVINE’s music is just that… it’s witchy and gothy, ominous yet euphoric. In fact, this mysterious project has gone and remixed Purity Ring’s rendition of HEALTH’s Life, and I couldn’t be happier with the ghostly droning, spectral humming results. DIVINE is a fine discovery just before Halloween hits us in just over a week from now. For another taste from the project, stream Haunt You below, and revel in its glitchy pulsing, chime tinkling umbral beauty. 

February 25, 2017

Gothy electro rockers HEALTH have been silent since their 2015 album Death Magic, so it’s with great pleasure that I encountered a brand new track from the trio this week. Dark whirring Euphoria, despite being an original, arrives as part of HEALTH’s new DISCO 3 remix album. The other tracks that flesh out the album include remixes by the likes of Haxan Cloak, Preoccupations, Purity Ring, and more. It’s obvious this is an album I need to check out, stat. HEALTH’s video for the spine tingling tune is made up of footage from the band’s past. DISCO 3 is out now on iTunes via Loma Vista.

September 6, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.02.2016 – 09.04.2016 

Featured music – September 2-4, 2016

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September 2, 2016

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this dark, twisted heart is much fond of HEALTH and their noisy experimental rock. Thanks to the Adult Swim Singles Program, we can indulge in some of the Los Angeles trio’s fuzzy gothy splendor in the form of new song Crusher, a crushing song indeed. The cacophonous crashing, dissonant piercing song is a visceral explosion of sludgy pummeling turbulence. Grab the single for free from

January 27, 2016

I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming when I first saw this remix. As someone who loves dark, industrial electronica and gothy electropop, I tend to gravitate towards music by the likes of Purity Ring, Crystal Castles, TR/ST, and Health. Today, Canadian duo Purity Ring surprised me with a remix of Health’s Life. I suppose it shouldn’t be unexpected, considering Health had previously remixed Purity Ring’s Begin Again. Life goes atmospheric and fantastical on Purity Ring’s interpretation, and most notably, Megan James layers in some additional vocals that make the song the perfect fusion of these two amazing acts. Excuse me as I go cry in the corner in joy. This is beautiful.

August 14, 2015

Gothy noise rockers and electro poppers HEALTH finally released a long awaited new full length earlier this summer, and Death Magic is absolutely glorious and worth the wait. One of my favorite dark electro rock songs off the album is visceral, gratifying Stonefist, for which HEALTH has released a music video. I’m greatly looking forward to catching HEALTH live next Friday, August 21st, at Popscene in San Francisco. The last time I caught them live, they were opening for Crystal Castles (Alice Glass version) a few years ago. 


November 1, 2012

There’s no shortage of creepy videos, particularly ones that feature kids and zombies.  This one, however, features both at the same time. Los Angeles indie experimental noise rockers HEALTH released a treat for Halloween in the form of Tears. The accompanying short film is by David Altobelli and Jeff Desom, and yes, get ready for toddler zombies. Frightened, yet? I was supposed to see HEALTH open for Crystal Castles last week, but they cancelled their support of the tour right beforehand. How disappointing. At least we have this scuzzy sinister new video! Tears is actually off of the Max Payne 3 video game soundtrack, which was created by HEALTH. 

February 22, 2012

Mmmmmm. Yummy. Along with the release of Suffocation as the latest Crystal Castles single and video comes a great remix by dance punkers HEALTH. If you recall, HEALTH also did an awesome cover awhile back of Pictureplane’s Goth Star. Such dark, sinister music is no unfamiliar territory for them. They certainly make something completely fresh out of Suffocation, it barely sounds like the original cut. 

Pictureplane covered by HEALTH

September 1, 2011

I had no idea who HEALTH was until I heard this cover they did of Pictureplane’s Goth Star, which if you haven’t heard the original, is a great catchy track by the man who created the term “witch house”. 

Pretty cool cover and great that they’re doing this live and spreading more Pictureplane knowledge, but I very much prefer the original. VERY much prefer the original. 

Of course I had to look up who HEALTH is. I quickly found a Pictureplane remix of a HEALTH song. There seems to be a trend lately for artists/bands to swap remixes and covers of each other, oftentimes live (ie. Weezer covering Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People covering Say It Ain’t So). Here’s the Pictureplane remix of HEALTH’s Lost Time…

Upon looking up more info, I find out HEALTH is a noise pop band from good ol Southern California. Now, here’s where I momentarily got SUPER confused. I read something about them releasing something with Crystal Castles (ahh, CC, <3). Something about.. Crimewave (ahh, good song.. <3). I was completely befuddled. What I had never known was that Crimewave is actually a HEALTH song which CC then did their own version of which then blew up… Do you guys know this? I did not! A little part of me felt like.. aww.. you mean that masterpiece of a musical work was not an original by Kath and Glass? I proceeded to look up the original HEALTH version of Crimewave…

Umm. Did I find the wrong video? I looked it up again and checked out a few other versions. Umm. Upon further inspection, OK, I guess it IS the correct song, but not exactly the SAME song… I can see why Crystal Castles’ version blew up, and this one did not. What Kath did to the arrangement, what Glass brought to it… what they did combined still birthed the masterpiece. Oh Crystal Castles.. ❤ Haha. But the fact that HEALTH laid the groundwork is very impressive and this is totally a different type of song and feel. Veryyyy noisy and grungy and guitary (rather than synthy). VERY experimental too. Crystal Castles took it in a different direction of experimentation. 

Anyway, had to finish up with another original HEALTH song to better represent who they were without the distraction of the whole Crystal Castles thing, so I found this video, and the direction in this one I do find intriguing and find myself liking…

Lastly, I’ll just have to add in Crimewaves (Crystal Castles rebirthed version) after all that talk about it. Cuz I can never get enough Crystal Castles and I haven’t had a dose of CC in awhile, neeeeed it. 😉