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March 8, 2018

Both Marble Empire and Katya DJ are fresh on our radar, but they sure make sweet sound together on Head Above The Water. Marble Empire is a British producer and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in 2-step and jazzy bass lines. He melds his electro-soulful sonic skills with Katya DJ’s fierce and smoldering voice on the swanky sublime jam, which also features some blazing Tom Misch-like guitar riffs. You’ll be hard pressed not to nod along and tap your feet to this rhythmic smoldering dazzler. No lie, I’m grooving out in my chair right now as I type this. Stream/download Head Above The Water, here.

June 9, 2015

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I first discovered a band from London named Palace. Yet, here I am, and I still haven’t caught them live, despite my love of their lulling, bluesy, early Foals meets Local Natives indie rock. Palace released their new EP, Chase The Light, on Fiction/Beatnik today, and it’s a terrific follow up to debut EP, Lost In The Night, which I have on limited vinyl, because it’s that fantastic. Off the record comes new song Head Above The Water, an entrancingly dreamy and deeply pensive number. Their glistening guitars, spacious reverbs, expansive atmosphere, and reflective vocals get me every time. It’s a gorgeous song, off a stirring EP, which you can stream here and purchase, here. Palace will play some dates in the UK this summer and fall. Here’s to hoping they’ll head across the ocean later this year.