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December 21, 2017

Celebrated future bass pioneer and influential chill trap trailblazer Harley Streten, better known as Australian production luminary Flume, has teamed up with Greenpeace to reveal some unreleased music. He provides a brilliant instrumental soundtrack to Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s stunning underwater visuals, giving us a glimpse at the horrible effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef. Flume’s percussive resplendence and pivoting synths embellishes this signaturely compelling piece, whilst Greenpeace’s video is both wondrously beautiful and devastatingly sad. You can sign a petition, here, in support of protecting the reef. 

May 8, 2017

I’m sure plenty of you have already been ecstatically blasting that new Flume for the past three days. For those of you that haven’t encountered Harley Streten’s new single Hyperreal, this one’s for you. The track, which features ever bewitching Sydney siren Kučka, is the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to Flume’s Skin Companion EP II, out now on vinyl. If you’re one of those people who loved Flume the best when he’s crafted a vocal-centric anthem like some of his biggest hits these days, Hyperreal’s going to win you over instantly. Thumping house and recoiling future R&B intermix under the expert guidance and creative vision of one of the world’s favorite producers on this new mesmeric anthem, which you can purchase or stream via alternate sources, here.

April 21, 2017

It took all my strength this week not to break protocol and share features out of sequence when this jaw dropping track arrived earlier this week. Gramatik and Ramzoid’s interpretation of Flume instrumental Wall Fuck is that incredible. Though it may have gotten the least spotlight out of all the amazing songs on Flume’s sophomore album, I actually consider it one of the best tracks off Skin. NYC’ Gramatik and Canada’s Ramzoid have accomplished no easy feat in creating their ethereal and other worldly take on the gritty jolting, visceral jabbing, and dynamic shuffling tune. The trap on these producers’ Wall Fuck feels a little bit more introspective, a tad more reticent, yet still labyrinthian thrilling.

February 20, 2017

If you haven’t listened to Flume’s new Skin Companion EP II since its release last week, what are you waiting for? The now Grammy winning electronic virtuoso dazzles with yet another set of incredible tracks, any of which feature massive guests, too. As a huge fan of Glass Animal’s famous peanut butter vibes, I was immediately drawn to Fantastic, which features Dave from Glass Animals on languorous drawling vocals. Glass Animals and Flume make a hypnogic pair on the rumbling head trip of a future bass ambler. Also on the EP is a solo instrumental named Depth Charge that more than lives up to its name and harkens back to earlier Flume. Harley teams up with Moses Sumney on a woozy marching, introspective brooding cut named Weekend. He also links up with Pusha T on what is probably the most harshly rattling, explosive jolting track on the EP, Enough. Stream all these face melting treats below. Flume’s Skin Companion EP II is available from all major outlets, here. You can also pre-order the EP on gorgeous 150g 12″ vinyl, here. The vinyl edition includes an unannounced bonus fifth track!

January 6, 2017

You have to admit that a Flume and Beck collaboration was far from expected before the arrival of Skin last year, but the two heavyweights turned out tobe a complementary pair on Tiny Cities, one of my favorite tracks off that album. Esteemed Swedish producer Lindstrøm has himself teamed up with Norway’s Prins Thomas to give us a transcendental remix of Tiny Cities. This prismatic glittering disco electro re-work is nothing short of brilliant. Tiny Cities’ journey is, apparently, a tale of unexpected delights. Beck and Flume have never been more dazzling bright and sprightly jubilant. 

December 19, 2016

This next one might be a cover, but it’s a cover by none other than influential, venerated Australian producer Flume, making this a more than worthy holiday present for fans of Harley Streten all across the world. Flume enlists a long roster of exceptional talent for his take on Ghost Town DJ’s classic hit, My Boo. California hip hop artist Vince Staples and Australian siren Kučka re-appear as Flume collaborators on the track alongside Sydney’s Ngaiire and Vera Blue. That’s right, this boo is a mostly Down Under affair. The vibrant bristling future bass and chill trap cover would have fit right in with the aesthetic of Flume’s sophomore album Skin. Snag the track from major outlets, here.

November 18, 2016

It was but last week that I had my first serendipitous encounter with brothel., a producer out of Colorado who likes to dabble in dark electronica. He had teamed up with UK producer SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS on a witchy haunting treat named Drowning. Fast forward to this week, and guess who I encounter yet again with another dose of crepuscular deliciousness? brothel.! And this time around, he’s given Flume’s Say It, featuring the ever lovely Tove Lo, a sensationally serrated remix. This one’s right up my alley with its bristling synths and stewing beats. brothel.’s draggy witch trap interpretation of Say It is guttural and ghostly, visceral and eerie. Download the track for free, here.

November 8, 2016

It was but less than half a day ago that I was waxing poetic over Anna Lunoe’s entrancing deep house twist on Flume’s Say It, the smash hit featuring Tove Lo. Aside from that remix, we’ve also indulged in Clean Bandit’s edit previously, too. We now turn to French producer Stwo for his version of the track, also on the official remix package dropped last Friday. Say It gets a deep wobbling, guttural rippling turn under Stwo’s tutelage. It marches slow and deliberate, resolute and staunch, twisting nebulously around Tove Lo’s sharp slicing vocals. Stwo’s shadowy future bass approach shudders and tremors in the most beautifully stately manner. Stream or purchase all the tracks from Flume’s Say It remix pack, here.

September 6, 2016

I’ve briefly hopped onto IHM this morning in order to finish sharing the last few picks from our current set of meticulously curated features, but I find that I must break protocol, something I almost never do. You see, something emerged an hour ago that requires immediate attention: a remix of Flume by ILLENIUM. The Colorado based producer has finally unleashed his remix of Harley Streten’s Say It, which of course features Tove Lo’s spunky sweet vocals. My excitement has been growing for this treat in the past months. ILLENIUM teased us with the remix all summer long, and the track has also been an adored highlight during his sold out live sets. One listen and it’ll be more than obvious why. ILLENIUM brings a dynamic blend of future bass and melodic dubstep to Say It, layering Tove Lo’s gorgeous voice over a dramatic soundscape that takes us on exhilarating skyscraper climbs and cathartic canyon drops. Though beautifully effervescent and breathtaking enchanting, ILLENIUM’s interpretation of Say It is also brutally powerful. Don’t be surprised if it leaves you reeling after its last notes fade away. 

July 12, 2016

If I could make a tribute to Flume, I would, but I have no skills when it comes to making music. Fortunately for me, we have German producer TRAILS, and he’s created an ode to Harley Streten and done so with aplomb, too. It’s three minutes, forty seconds of future trap bliss on “A Flume Tribute”, a seamless mash up of Never Be Like You, Wall Fuck, Helix, Free, and Hyperparadise. As the producer says, “Never Fuck Helix Walls For Free In Hyperparadise” wouldn’t be the appropriate title for this inferno of a sick jam, a little treat for us while TRAILS continues to write original music. You can grab TRAILS’ Flume tribute from Toneden.