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April 20, 2018

Strap yourself in for a cosmic ride, because we’re about to dive into new k?d, the young wunderkind who’s taken us clear across the universe with his epic tracks in the past. New single Zero One fires on all pistons, quite literally, too. It’s a pneumatic rocket ship of a hard hitting, bass pounding vehicle, whose G-force acceleration will leave your pulse racing and your hands sweaty from the sheer exhilaration and seismic intensity of the spine-tingling expedition. Stream/download k?d’s heart-stopping bass house track, here.

November 14, 2017

I’m not sure whether I should melt into the floor or get up and stretch my arms out towards the heavens in the first minute or so of this spectacular new remix from UK producer GAMMER. He’s given bass prodigy SLANDER an epic transformation that bursts forth with incredible feels and cosmic highs. His remix of Superhuman, featuring smooth swooning vocals by Eric Leva, is out of this world. Progressive house crescendos, savage drops, and dark hardcore beats make this a heart pumping roller coaster ride. For more of GAMMER’s wildly thrilling concoctions, visit his Soundcloud, here.

August 5, 2017

Australian producer Just A Gent is up to his Just A Tune tricks again, delivering unexpected flips and surprises that leave our jaws agape with astonishment and our hearts aflutter with intense euphoria. Just A Gent turns in a hard hitting, heavy thrashing banger of a remix in the form of his interpretation of Rage Against The Machine classic Killing in the Name. The beast of a dubstep and bass thriller is scratchy raw, just as it should be, and thorny jabbing. All you’ll want to do once you dive into this one is RAGE. Fortunately for us all, the weekend has begun, and we have plenty of time to rage and rage and rage again to Just A Gent’s Just A Tune flip. Download the ferocious track, here.

July 25, 2017

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter will obviously go down in electronic music history as a timeless classic and one of the seminal dance tracks of the decade. As such, we’ve had plenty of remixes crop up from all sorts of musicians and producers, but none have sounded quite like this one from KRILLA, a production project from Toronto. He explains that he wanted to remix one of his all time favorite tracks to show it some respect. KRILLA even adds in a little psy trance (which brings back good old memories for me) on his dark and menacing yet wickedly exhilarating edit. It’s a bass trilling tech and dubstep exposé that takes us on an intergalactic adventure, where we’re ready to battle anything that comes at us out of the mysterious void of deep space. You can snag the stand out remix, here. For another taste of this Toronto artist’s edgy electronoic music, stream KRILLA’s original, Lunatic, below.

June 7, 2017

Back to France we go for a shuddering heavy hitter from Basstrick, aka Romain Ahterton, who’s exploded onto the dubstep and basshouse scene with his visceral jouncing music. Recent single Tinker Hatfield is a face melting, brain rattling banger. It’s no wonder Basstrick has gained the support of DJ Snake, Tchami, and Habstrakt, having released his thrilling music since 2015 with his multiple EPs and remixes. Adrenaline pumping Tinker Hatfield is a gritty pounding free download, here.

April 18, 2017

Be careful not to trip over yourself in dizzied excitement like I did when I first caught wind of this astronomic collaboration. It’s a legendary Southern California affair as NGHTMRE and Ghastly come together for staggering thrills on walloping new Mad Decent track, End Of The Night. Carnal jolting drops, laser cut synths, and dirty whomping bass make End Of The Night a true decent into exhilarating madness. It’s a spine tingling, adrenaline pumping smorgasbord of trap and bass, dubstep and house. NGHTMRE and Ghastly’s jam may be named End Of The Night, but there’s no way you can call it a night after this high octane joy ride. Purchase the hard hitting banger from major outlets, here.

April 13, 2017

There isn’t a more appropriate name for this conflagration of talent than Bullseye. OWSLA favorites Anna Lunoe, Valentino Khan, and Wuki forge a three way symbiosis of epic proportions on this gritty whomping, steely lurching spectacular. Plenty of filthy bass and punchy electro endow this eye widening, adrenaline pumping experience. An interesting dichotomy is achieved when those aforementioned visceral elements are paired with Anna Lunoe’s dreamy sleek vocals. Turns out, a heavy hitting banger like this can be both relentlessly driving and dulcet euphonious. So go ahead, “pull the trigger” and blast Bullseye loud. Shake those floorboards, have a Wednesday night dance party. Bullseye is even a free download, here.

February 23, 2017

There has always been a stigmata associated with warehouse and underground parties. People who have no idea what they are, including much of the media, have always tried to stereotype and classify such events as negative and destructive. Events of this past year, including the tragic Oakland fire, have not exactly swayed public opinion. JOYRYDE addresses all of this in his video for a riveting new single named I WARE HOUSE, pointing out from the start of the video that the 90′s warehouse scene had been a huge influence on all that we know in pop culture, fashion, art, and music, and for many people, the communities found within the walls of these decrepit buildings were safe spaces away from fear and violence or unmerciful judgement. Those places still exist, not just in my memory, but here and now, and they are havens for so many of our youth. We celebrate the warehouses of the world with JOYRYDE as he shakes our day up with this exhilarating eruption of grimy bass, filthy trap, and gritty garage. Download the chest rattling, adrenaline pumping banger, here.

February 2, 2017

Truth be told, it’s past midnight on a weekday, and I should be going to bed soon rather than waking up more. But I simply can’t resist dropping on this quaking, rattling explosion of fury for a requisite share. Los Angeles producers KAYZO and RIOT team up on heavy jostler Wake Up, a frenetic jolting burst of hyperactive energy that pairs whomping dubstep with happy hardcore like wild delirium. This rabid dose of high strung, high octane electronica is a free download, here.

January 18, 2017

It’s hump day, we’re halfway through the work week, and we only have a couple more days to go before it’s the weekend again. For that extra dose of whomp whomp energy to make it through, we turn to Diplo and Autoerotique. The Grammy winning producer and the Toronto bass house outfit deliver some twerk ready twitchy combobulation on Waist Line, a purely wicked electronic banger. The song’s video involves some sick hula hoop moves, too. Snag this fiery fierce jam, here.