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September 16, 2017

HÅN’s crisp ethereal, brittle haunting pop enchanted us to no end when the Italian singer songwriter debuted earlier this year with The Children. She proves the song no anomaly as she shares her long awaited second single, 1986, and enthralls us with her effortlessly pristine vocals once again. 1986 is dreamy soothing yet plucky dynamic. Part art pop, part dream pop, and part synthpop, the beautiful single twinkles and shimmers, as if woven out of a million fine shards. For all its glowing serenity, 1986 is also delicately steeped in aching melancholia. The single can also be streamed off Spotify, here.

May 18, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 05.16.2017 – 05.17.2017

Featured music – May 16-17, 2017

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May 17, 2017

New Italian singer songwriter HÅN is described as coming from a small town by the Garda lake, far from grey industrial landscape, immersed in magnificent national treasures. Even before I launched into her debut single The Children, I already find myself enchanted by her roots. It’s no surprise that her music is as ethereally breathtaking as it is on The Children. Pristine vocals, delicate guitar chords, and spacious flowing synths are trussed together by grandiose pounding drums, creating a majestic yet elegant effect. From svelte beginnings, The Children blooms into rich driving alt pop. Much like Daughter, HÅN overtakes our senses and fills us with a sense of deep resounding, vast expansive catharsis. The Children will be released on May 19th via Factory Flaws / Freecom.