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September 9, 2016

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September 8, 2016

HAEVN is an electro indie pop band from Amsterdam, Netherlands who has gained much serious media exposure this past year in Holland. In fact, their music was used in various car commercials and broadcasted on numerous Dutch radio stations, and by the sounds of their new single Bright Lights, they’re poised to break out across the Atlantic, too. The lush orchestral song comes from HAEVN’s upcoming full length. Warm vocals and cool electronic production complement each other to perfection on this atmospheric pop meets downtempo electronic aria, a cinematic presentation of moving emotion.

September 29, 2015

I love music serendipity and scouring the internet for amazing music discoveries just as much as I love receiving all the terrific recommendations that fill my inbox daily. It’s that exact fortune that brought me to the doorsteps of a mysterious new act from The Netherlands named HAEVN. I’m not sure if their name is an artistic representation of the word “haven” or “heaven”, but I’d like to think its the latter, because their gliding second song, Finding Out More, is a soul moving stunner of infinite misty eyed bliss. From the little I could glean from their socials, the song was used in a BMW advert. I’d imagine that advert to be a visual work of exceptional art, considering the sweetly moody and cloud like touch of HAEVN’s chill electronic and soulful pop song.