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October 28, 2016

I can’t get enough of SLØTFACE’s restless infectious rock, and the fact that their new single Empire Records references working in a record store only add to my penchant for the Norwegian quartet. Though I’ve never worked in a record store myself, there’s a certain romanticism in the idea, particularly for a music head like me. Empire Records is scuzzy and punchy, pairing bristling 90′s punk with brazen grungy pop. SLØTFACE will be releasing a new EP on November 18th and Empire Records is the title track. You can pre-order now from iTunes.

September 29, 2016

With a project name like PSSY PWR and a debut song entitled Cocaine Girls, it’s not hard to predict what sort of gutsy bravado is about to overtake us on this new band’s first single. PSSY PWR does in fact take their inspiration from the sexual liberation of the 60′s, and they’re here to douse us with a generous helping of rebellious fun as they offer up their grungy, noisy pop. Cocaine Girls’ bold clobbering spunk and jagged edged melody beg comparison to Sleigh Bells. Sweet sassy yet spiky sharp Cocaine Girls is unabashed and engaging, a cheeky anthem meant to be blasted loud and proud. Watch the video for Cocaine Girls below.

September 15, 2016

Up till today, I had no idea that street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey, well known for founding the OBEY clothing line, also had a musical project going on amongst his many enterprises. And then I encountered the brand new music for Nøise’s Little Lions. The song thoroughly transfixed me with its serrated edged, torrid churning alt pop. Little Lions is gritty and playfully seductive. Its sharp claws are bared with much enticing coyness. Joining Shepard Fairey in 

Nøise is Joe Cassidy, John Goff, and Merritt Lear. The quartet will be releasing a debut EP on Obey Records with Little Lions as its title track. The EP will also house a song named Automatic alongside a myriad of remixes by a jaw dropping list of talent, including Phil Hartnoll, Moby, Tim Armstrong, Z Trip, Nico and Touch, SSI, John Goff, and The Crystal Method. For more information, visit here.

August 31, 2016

Sleigh Bells has officially announced their next album, and Jessica Rabbit as at the apex of my list of albums to pre-order ahead of its November 11th release date. I can’t be more excited for the noise pop duo’s first new album in three years, particularly after listening to new taster, It’s Just Us Now. Its squelching guitar, razor sharp sawing, and Alexis Krauss’ breathy aerial, mettle charged vocals make It’s Just Us Now some trademark, heavy hitting Sleigh Bells. No doubt It’s Just Us Now will be as exhilarating loud and ear splitting thrilling as the duo are known to be live when the band hits up their two sold out shows at the Independent in San Francisco in mid-November. The song’s video also harkens back to the passionate spunky videos of yore. Pre-order new album Jessica Rabbit digitally from iTunes or physically, here.

June 22, 2016

Our music discovery adventure leads us straight back to London as Cherryade take us to noisy grunge pop highs with their debut, Fractured Fairytales. The jittery restless, rattling cacophonous confection is gritty and bold like M.I.A. as well as spunky brazen like The Ting Tings. Fractured Fairytales is an intensive burst of spiky chromatic, synth seething bravado. It’s a striking taste from these newcomers’ upcoming debut EP, due out later this year. I’ve never had “cherryade” before. Apparently, it’s tart piquant and sugary sharp. Can I have more, please?

June 8, 2016

You know you’re in for some jolting fun when new Sleigh Bells arrives. The Brooklyn noise pop duo make a ravishing return on Rule Number One. Alexis Krauss is ferocious as ever on the sharp jouncing, riotous roaring tune. She sings about tornadoes touching down and heads exploding. Yep, this is signature Sleigh Bells, whom I’ve missed dearly. It’s savagely thrilling, loud and unabashed. I’m guessing this means more Sleigh Bells is on the horizon, and perhaps, a new album too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Rule Number One is out today on iTunes.

May 8, 2016

It was just last week that I first shared music by a singer songwriter named Erin Tobey from Bloomington, IN. Turns out, she’s in cahoots with Amy Oelsner (Amy O) in a project named Brenda’s Friend, too. As the duo prepare to release a new tape, they reveal an addictive riotous pop punk jam named House Down and evoke Tancred and Bleacher with some Grimes whimsicality. House Down is noisily playful and lighthearted gritty, and it’s the title track from Brenda’s Friend’s forthcoming six track tape, out May 27th and available for pre-ordering, here, on limited edition, high-bias yellow cassette.

April 26, 2016

There’s no staying in control when assaulted with the throbbing beats, kittenish fire, and jagged synths of In Control. The dirty dance pop track comes from London based singer songwriter DOLLS, or Nikki Milovanovic, who links up with British producer Fauxplay on the song. Dark and edgy In Control combines Gwen Stefani like mischievous vocals with much gritty Justice meets Chromatics electro alongside plenty of 80′s Madonna or Michael Jackson new wave. In Control is the first delicious single from DOLLS + Fauxplay’s upcoming album EAT IT UP, out May 20th. 

April 7, 2016

More than a year has gone by since Chløë Black surfaced with exceptional debut pop single, 27 Club, a song whose haunting beauty evoked both BANKS and Amy Winehouse. 27 Club is still a personal favorite so many months later, but I must admit I’m much bewitched by the Australian born, Paris and US raised London chanteuse’s new song, Groupie. The fearless and bold grunge pop song pays homage to the original groupies of the 1970′s, like Pamela Des Barres and Cynthia Plaster Caster, but it’s also an anti slut-shaming feminist anthem. Its strength and resolution pours out in Groupie’s booming beats and spunky vocals, a fusion of Lana Del Rey glam, Sleigh Bells clatter, MIA grit, and Grace Mitchell poise. 

December 9, 2015

It’s been awhile since we heard from Portland’s bed., but the lo-fi grunge pop act makes a grand re-entrance with a misty swirler named The Rule. A sugary glaze covers the hazy tune, whose gentle vocals and drifty atmosphere are comforting and soothing. This would be a great one to end the day with, right before you fall asleep. I’d venture to say it’d be great to wake up to The Rule, too. Feel tension slip away as bed.’s halcyon music envelopes you. The Rule is a first taste from bed.’s forthcoming EP, Klickitat, due out in Spring 2016 and available for pre-order as a 12″, here.