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May 26, 2017

Grunge pop meets electro rock on Vancouver trio Little Destroyer’s dark pounding, heavy pulsing SAVAGES, for which the new emerging project has just released an edgy fresh music video. The infectious jam is the third single revealed from the band’s forthcoming debut EP, Strange Future. Little Destroyer explains that their feral hooking single is about “making peace with your demons, being okay with being a fuck up, and just rolling with it.” For another taste of the band’s upcoming EP, watch the video for dark cinematic RATTLESNAKES below. The recently formed three piece has been going back and forth to Los Angeles for months to craft their hard hissing, synth heavy alt pop. Purchase their singles from iTunes, here.

May 6, 2017

There’s been a revival of sorts these days when it comes to crunchy, scuzzy guitar pop of the humble and unpretentious kind, and Los Angeles’ Blushh may be your favorite new band in that arena. The four piece band just finished making their first EP, and they expertly dishes out plenty of endearing noise pop and lo-fi guitar pop on first single I Don’t Wanna Leave. Blushh, fronted by Shab Ferdowsi, takes us on an angsty spirited, youthful carousing trip down nostalgia lane with their single. Blushh’s debut EP It’s Fine will be arriving in June. 

April 15, 2017

We more than tremble, we quiver and shake in ecstasy to the dark buzzing synths and fiery spunk thundering from LPX’s new single Tremble. It’s an expectedly massive second single from Lizzy Plapinger’s solo project. We’ve long been familiar with how fiercely magnetic Lizzy can be from our many years adoring MS MR and that pair’s ravishing electro R&B/pop. The co-founder of Neon Gold Records has followed up on earlier this year’s debut single Tightrope with another spectacular force of nature. Tremble is a dauntless effusion of sharp sawing electropop, clamorous ringing grunge pop, and synthwavey rock (I even hear a hint of Future Islands in that final detail). Tremble grips us with its raw poignancy and incensed passion. Purchase the glorious single from iTunes, here.

April 15, 2017

New British four piece BLOXX serves up some irresistibly infectious grunge pop and rock on their second single You. The Chess Club signees are turning heads a plenty back at home with their vivacious yet scuzzy form of pop rock. BLOXX explains that You is a song they wrote just a few days after they wrote their debut single Your Boyfriend, a must listen which you can find below, too. You has “got a lot to do with reminiscing on a past relationship, and taking yousrelf back to that time to think about what could have been done/said differently.” In other words, it’s a song tinged with bitter regret. But I sure as hell don’t regret encountering the budding quartet and their boisterous clamoring, mellifluous hooking tunes. 

March 11, 2017

To London we go for some utterly infectious pop rock from a rising trio named Dream Wife. These Icelandic and English natives enthrall us with a raspy impassioned but coy teasing form of grungy lo-fi punk on new single Somebody. The song recalls a mix of early Emily Haines (Metric) with a bit of The Strokes’ bounce, a sliver of Thao and The Get Down Stay Down’s raw appeal, and the punchy playfulness of CSS. This combination turns out to be a thoroughly charming and irresistible recipe. You can purchase the single from Bandcamp. Alternate stream available via Soundcloud, below. 

February 15, 2017

I happened to be scouring my Facebook feed as I usually do when I encountered this scuzzy gem of a tune from a project named Shit Girlfriend. The UK/LA outfit is a side project created by Blood Red Shoes’ Laura-Mary Carter and her BFF, Natalie Bang Bang, and their sure is a lot of “bang” in their noise punk and grunge pop tune, Mummy’s Boy. This sharp cracking song comes with a bold cheeky video, too. Shit Girlfriend tagged their riotous tune “#periodpunk”. I’ll certainly be finding out more about this pair. 

February 11, 2017

We’re bathed by a torrent of helter-skelter exhilaration and delirium as Rubblebucket member Alex Toth continues to regale us with splendid tunes from his self titled debut album as Alexander F. The guest talent studded release features this vibrant dashing tune Call Me Pretty, a scratchy thrusting, heady pulsating mixture of garage rock and scuzzy pop that features New Zealand’s Kimbra on guest vocals. The cameos don’t stop there. Call Me Pretty boasts Delicate Steve on guitar, Dandy McDowell on bass, and Noah Rubin on drums. You can watch Alex rocking out to the song in the fresh new video for the tune. Alexander F’s debut album is available now on Spotify and Bandcamp

February 4, 2017

Having unleashed on us her most magnificent song yet in the form of ferocious hit single Blood In The Cut, I can’t help but wonder how Stanford alumni and now Los Angeles based genre bender K.Flay would follow up on such triumphant brilliance. She does so with resolute grandeur by dropping a dominating new tune and announcing a new album, putting to rest my curiosity and making me feel sheepish for ever wondering at all. Sophomore album Every Where Is Some Where is set to arrive on April 7th, and it’s going to be an inferno of a listen judging by Blood In The Cut and new single Black Wave, a dark glowering political commentary burning with searing passion and furious grit. K.Flay has certainly carved her own unique path in the music scene with her fresh sonic concoctions. Grungy electropop, alt rock, and hip hop beats meld into a sheer force to be reckoned with. Watch the lyric video for Black Wave below and purchase the single from iTunes.

January 14, 2017

These last couple of years have proven how much of a sonic chameleon Grace Mitchell can be, but whether it’s her earlier songs, her glitch pop concoctions, or now, her rocking new single, the Portland starlet always delivers the same fire and passion that has drawn us to her from the start. Kids (Ain’t All Right) is a noise pop slasher and an alt rock slosher. Mitchell’s sultry vocals add to the gritty allure of this rabid inferno, a 90′s grunge and punk imbued crimson burner. We’ve been huge on Grace Mitchell for awhile now, but this year will be her greatest yet. Mark my words.

January 9, 2017

What else but a whole lot of slime would be proper for a music video accompanying a song named Slime Time Live? The quirky visualizer is an opportune moment to bop in tune to the hazy whirring song from Brooklyn project Ian Sweet’s debut album Shapeshifter from last fall. The trio’s fuzzy, wiry rock is a warm gazey, gnarled gravelly treat on this tempestuous winter day. Ian Sweet just embarked on a mini-tour through various cities that will last through mid January. Learn more, here. You can purchase the band’s debut album from iTunes.