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May 22, 2018

Brooke Candy, whom I oft associate with fellow pop phenom Charli XCX due to their fabulous collaborations together in the past, takes no prisoners with her latest unbridled song, WAR. The edgy and imaginative LA-based singer songwriter heralds in a new pop-punk direction on the politically charged song which fuses elements of thrash and hardcore with

gritty sharp hooks and a bloodthirsty rejection of the status quo. The vehemence of WAR’s raucous grunge pop rivals that of Sleigh Bells’ strident offerings, paired with the jarring edginess of M.I.A.’s hip hop. “‘WAR’ speaks to what is happening on planet earth – how the political and cultural landscapes are so unfair,” says Brooke on the track. “It’s an anthem to wake people up and seek aggressive change in the world; to protest and shake things up.” We love how much Brooke Candy shakes us up with WAR, which can be found on iTunes, here.

May 18, 2018

Fiery mettle and a prickly bite adorns the latest “boss” single from Brighton quartet YONAKA, who are set to hit a flurry of festivals this year including Primavera, Pukklepop, and more. I’m sure F.W.T.B. would be a resounding treat to experience live at one of those events. It’s a punchy rumbling, edgy sharp electro-charged alt pop song with a whole lot of rebellious attitude. F.W.T.B. is the follow-up to the band’s well-received debut EP, Heavy last fall. It’s an anthem about self-empowerment that exudes YONAKA’s defiant disposition. Frontwoman Theresa Jarvis says: “The song is a big ‘f*ck you’ to anyone who tries to get in your way and tell you no.  It’s about taking back the power, standing up for yourself and being heard.” Grab the tune, here. Keep up with the band’s tour and festival dates, here.

April 4, 2018

Riotous and rebellious rock abounds in the music scene, but New York’s Madison gives us riotous and rebellious electro-pop on Baller, which is a rare and exhilarating treat. The indie pop artist released the song on her own label, G Records. Baller follows in the footsteps of her recent single Hustle, and it continues to push forward Madison’s strong and pertinent message of female empowerment. Baller was even featured on NBC’s hit series Good Girls last night. It’s clearly a very infectious and incredibly rousing dazzler, whose raucous spirit borders on electro-clash and grunge pop with scratchy synths and an edgy attitude. The punchy knockout is a thrilling first release of 2018 from the artist who says she likes music, politics, and dogs on her Twitter profile. Stream more Madison on Soundcloud, here.

March 30, 2018

We’ve been more than ravenous for new Bloodboy music this past year after the Los Angeles based surfer-turned-musician thrilled us with her blazing pop rock time and time again since her debut two years ago, culminating in a superbly brazen and incendiary EP named Best of Bloodboy. Her return last month with Sex Crime was much cause for celebration, and now Lexie Papillion has followed that rambunctiously smoldering tune up with another homerun of a sultry sizzling, charismatic pulling song named ‘Is Now A Good Time To Ruin Your Life?’. Signature broiling guitars and her ever impassioned, heated vocals keep us charmed and swooning. The punky garage rock and grungy pop of ‘Is Now A Good Time To Ruin Your Life?’ is big and bold, emphatic and glamorous. And it leaves us even more excited for Bloodboy’s forthcoming debut album Punk Adjacent than we were before, which we didn’t think was possible. You can find the track on iTunes, here.

February 10, 2018

Taylor Upsahl, the 19 year old singer songwriter form Arizona behind pop project UPSAHL, has dazzled us many a time with her dulcet yet spunky alt pop in the past. We knew a new track from the buzzworthy artist would be a fine Friday treat. Sure enough, Kiss Me Now is another magnetic slice of her magnetic voice and her brand of gusty rocking, sweetly hooking pop. Kiss Me Now is a modern take on a classic first date, when everything is going great but that kiss just isn’t happening. UPSAHL shows us how determined and driven she could be with this grunge tinged, boisterous driving gem. UPSAHL plans on spending most of her 2018 in Los Angeles working on new music with a wide range of songwriters and producers. In other words, we have a whole lot more UPSAHL to look forward to. Kiss Me Now can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

January 24, 2018

Last fall, Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller blessed us with a new 7 track mini-LP named Kid Kruschev. And now the Brooklyn noise pop duo has unveiled a new video for LP track Favorite Transgressions, a potent and emphatic congregation of the pair’s scaly sawing, cacophonous jarring sound. The video, directed by Derek Miller, is described as a manic, lo-fi thriller full of dynamic energy and playful morbidity. Sleigh Bells kicks off an extensive U.S. tour this week with a sold-out show at Rough Trade. The full run of tour dates can be found, here. Unfortunately, no Bay Area show is listed, but it looks like we might get to catch them in Austin at SXSW come mid-March considering their slot at the Mohawk on the 18th. Sunflower Bean and Dream Wife joins Sleigh Bells on select dates on their tour, too, making it a can’t miss for those lucky enough to catch them on this voyage. Kid Kruschev is available, here.

November 17, 2017

My Town is a tart piercing and deliriously edgy new bop from Cherryade, the London noise pop, dance pop, and electro-pop purveyors who first snagged our ears with their debut, Fractured Fairytales, over a year ago. My Town is as jittery and restless, spunky and sassy as the band’s prior offerings, and it’s corralling a whole lot of deserved new buzz for the burgeoning duo. The song’s spicy piquant, bubbly infectious pop is endless cheeky fun. For a moment, we’re all visitors in Cherryade’s “town”, where they run our heart rates with their sugary head rush of an exhilarating song. My Town is part Charli XCX boom bap banger, part raucous Sleigh Bells, and part spiky riotous The Ting Tings. Stream more of Cherryade’s vivacious offerings on Soundcloud, here.

October 30, 2017

Chloë Black, formerly CHLØË BLACK, thoroughly bewitched us a few years prior when she made her debut on 27 Club, a gorgeous song steeped in glamorous tragedy and Lana Del Rey meets Amy Winehouse like vibes. The singer songwriter, who’s a London resident and an Australia native, has been silent for a very long time. As fans, we’ve been wondering what she’s been up to. Chloë Black makes a splendid re-entrance with Waterbed, a bittersweet entrancing, smoky soulful noire-pop gem of which she says: “I grew up partly in Seattle during the nineties and because of that grunge has a big place in my heart.  ‘Waterbed’ is symptomatic of my nineties nostalgia but shot through a 2017 lens.  I don’t want to say too much about it because I prefer when people are able to interpret things their own way; but I will say that to me the song is more than just literal.” Nostalgic grunge and retro pop intertwine seamlessly on this gorgeous Lana Del Rey, Cults, and Banks hybrid. Keep up with this ever magnetic artist on her website, here.

October 10, 2017

Leeds newcomers Night Owls have broken out of the gates strong back home in the UK. Despite their short existence, these lo-fi grunge rockers have already supported the likes of Cloud Nothings, Yuck, and Tigercub, plus they performed at Reading & Leeds last year, too. The lads are preparing to release a sophomore EP after the wild success of their first one, and they’ve shared a video for the tempestuous bristling, dusty crunching title track, Boomerang. The cassette EP arrives October 16th, and Night Owls will be celebrating its release with a show at London’s Sebright Arms. With sharp angular guitars and an irresistible pop kick, Night Owls reels us into their visceral and gritty world. Night Owls explains of Boomerang’s visuals: “The video is a commentary on the strange stuff people do on Facebook for likes and how people put a rose-tinted filter on everything to make their lives seem better than they are.” Find out more about Night Owls’ EP release show, here.

August 22, 2017

Hotly tipped London based English/Icelandic trio Dream Wife enamored us instantaneously earlier this year with their raspy impassioned, coy teasing single Somebody, a sandy sharp, grungy pounding pop rock song which went on to win over countless hearts in the new music scene. The three piece have now released a worthy follow up to that song. Fire is a scratchy fanged, tartly infectious taste and the title track from Dream Wife’s new EP, out next month. Its a clamorous rocker with angular guitars, punchy pop hooks, and tons of angst ridden punk charm. Dream Wife’s Fire EP will be out on September 29th. Pre-order from Bandcamp, here.