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April 11, 2018

I could get through anything when I have a new jam like this one from Oakland’s Pink Skies to keep me grooving, so it’s more than suitable that Arieh Berl, the multi-talented artist behind the project, has named his latest release Just To Get By. Berl, who’s also a member of local indie outfit Fever Charm, continues his upwards trajectory as a striking artist to watch with the ravishing new tune. Gauzy psychedelia abounds on the propulsive driving, opalescent shimmering song. Pink Skies continues to enamor us with an opulent brand of kaleidoscopic rock and dreamy pop akin to the lush rhapsodies catered by fellow visionaries like Electric Guest, Tame Impala, and Broken Bells. We’re hoping Berl’s continuing momentum means we’ll be hearing even more of his iridescent concoctions soon. Just To Get By is available via major outlets, here. Stream more of Pink Skies’ heavily lauded singles on Soundcloud, here.

March 2, 2018

Let’s continue to bring some chill feels tonight with a treasured new discovery named NAUUDA. The project hails from Norway, and the two producers behind it have mesmerized me with their chill jazzy hip hop and suave electronica on ‘up’. We’ve been having some wet weather here in San Francisco this week. ‘up’ is the perfect accompaniment. It warms us up yet and keeps us intoxicated from start to finish with its choppy vocals and foggy percolating beats. The track even features some sampling of a rain storm. NAUUDA drenches us with late night vibes and a snazzy groove. For another taste of the pair’s music, stream ‘party’ below, too. It’s more uptempo with its breaking mixture of house, jungle, and garage, and it even samples Alessia Cara’s Here. 

February 21, 2018

DJ Snake’s collaboration with Lauv, A Different Way, has been remixed aplenty in these past few months. There’s probably only one other track that might have it beat when it comes to most remixed track of the year, and that’s obviously The Chainsmokers’ Sick Boy, which everyone has been editing lately, or so it seems. French producer Tony Romera gave us one of our favorite dance inducing reworks of A Different Way just a few weeks prior (check out our feature, here). And now he’s followed it up with an even more wicked jam, an exhilarating original titled Hold Up bursting with glamorous French house energy and delirioiusly breaking beats. This is one that will more than satiate your hunger for Daft Punk or Justice right now. A plenteous dose of funky old school hip hop also courses through its vigorous pumping soundscape, giving us a taste of both classic and modern, all at once. Stream/download Hold Up, here.

February 9, 2018

If I had a nifty penthouse of my own on top of some glamorous skyscraper in the city, I’d probably want to throw wild parties by my rooftop pool and jam out to Penthouse Penthouse all the time. The LA based production duo steams up our night with their sultry smoldering, glitzy cruising, & smooth grooving disco and electro on suave new single To The Sun, which features rising hip hop/rap sensation KingJet on glossy sleek guest vocals. To The Sun is Penthouse Penthouse’s latest single from Cruise Control, their full length album arriving tomorrow on Alpha Pup Records. Pre-order the album (or purchase, if it’s already Friday when you catch this post), here.

February 8, 2018

A sudden burst of summery heat this week in San Francisco seems to give us the perfect winter opportunity to head out for a nice Bay sail in our best boating threads and some cool fedoras. Except, I don’t have a sail boat, and I’ll have to ask someone to take me sailing instead. Oakland’s Same Girls seem to be on the same wavelength as me as they coo “take me sailing” on their new single, a yacht rock meets chill disco ray of lazy afternoon sunshine. Sailing’s wonky intoxicating, hazy twirling groove is reminiscent of Homeshake’s bedroom pop paired with a touch of Trails and Ways’ breezy indie pop, all laid out on languorous shimmering waves. You can check out more of this intriguing Oakland band’s music on Soundcloud, here.

December 12, 2017

Remember the first time you fell in love, or that once youthful innocence that would overtake your heart? It seemed simple and pure, devoid of chaos and confusion. That pristine naivete is what inspired First Time, the latest single from Los Angeles by way of San Francisco duo Cones. The pair have shared a music video for the effortlessly gliding, weightlessly sparking synth and alt pop single, whose slick vocals and plush soundscape are like Electric Guest but with a lighter, silkier Porches touch and a hint of Future Islands’ perky synthwave. 

Singer Jonathan Rosen says of the song: “It’s an innocent little bubblegum track about a kid falling in love for the first time. Vocally and lyrically I wanted it to feel sort of naive, like a teenager writing a journal entry on the spot.” Keep up with Cones on their website, here.

November 28, 2017

We’ve been touting Jadu Heart and the UK duo’s genre defying form of spacey psych soul and R&B pop this past year with much verve, so a new song from the pair is much cause for celebration, much less a track that involves celebrated producer Mura Masa, too! Mura Masa seems to be keeping himself extra busy these days producing tracks for a plethora of fine emerging artists. He crafts a luscious and complex soundscape on U Never Call Me, over which Jadu Heart croons ever suavely with their velveteen vocals. The lush grooving R&B soul and chill electronica song is the perfect juncture between both act’s styles of sound. U Never Call Me arrived with an abstract visual whose luminescent ripples and watery obscurity are a fine supplement to U Never Call Me’s turbid and sensual allure. Download/stream the single, here.

November 18, 2017

Ever since we heard Deja Vu earlier this year, Scarlet Pleasure has become one of our favorite rising Denmark bands. They bring a fresh new edge and a sexy charm to the country’s already innovative R&B pop and alt pop scene. Today, the trio released their brand new EP, Lagune, on Virgin Records, and it features this slinky drawling, torrid gyrating tune, Unreliable. Scarlet Pleasure’s trademark reggae inflected, creamy burning R&B pop leaves us flushed and swooning, as it always does. Unreliable certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to this three pieces’ music. I’m so jealous of the fans who were able to see Scarlet Pleasure make their U.S. debut last month at School Night in Los Angeles. Following a string of European tour dates with Norwegian songstress Sigrid, Scarlet Pleasure will embark on a sold out headlining run overseas in support of new single Unreliable. Stream/purchase their EP, Lagune, here.

November 18, 2017

Franc Moody is a rising London based collective renowned for their hi-octane, immersive live shows. Hopefully, I’ll get to catch them live someday, particularly after dancing and twirling my heart out to their new funk-driven track, Pheromones. They truly let off some ambrosial beats and soulful charm on this groovalicious electro and disco jam, which very much reminds me of French band Her and British bands like Jungle and Formation. Franc Moody is lead by musicians Ned Franc and Jon Moody. They’ve been making quite a name for themselves both as a live band and a production outfit. Franc Moody explains that Pheromones is about attraction and reaction. Attracted, I most definitely am. My reaction? Dance, dance, dance. Pheromones is out now on Juicebox Recordings. it’s available digitally via all major outlets, here.

November 15, 2017

I’ve always been a sentimental person who waxes nostalgic over the past all the time. The memories of yesterday often seems so much better than the perilous mystery of tomorrow. Chicago’s Paul Cherry swaddles us in lo-fi drapes of hazy psychedelic nostalgia on Like Yesterday, and I find myself feeling woozy and flushed as I fall hard for this mellow stroll of a gem. It’s a jazzy soulful affair whose languorous groove and laid back funk rock charm seem to fuse Mac Demarco, Homeshake, and TOPS altogether. Like Yesterday is out now via all digital stores.