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August 16, 2017

Taken Care Of is our first exposure to Suzi Wu, an ear turning, much fascinating new artist from London. We were immediately taken in by its prowling pace and slinking rhythm when we pounced on the track. Taken Care Of is icy spellbinding, yet snappy fierce, a very unique grime pop dazzler that stands out from the usual flood of female lead pop tunes that arrives daily. You know when you run your frozen hands under hot water on a frigid day, and you get all tingly and prickly? Taken Care Of has a similar sonic effect with its choppy beats and fierce aplomb. It’s a bold and edgy piece, dipped in gritty dancehall and perky R&B. The song comes off of Suzi Wu’s forthcoming debut EP, due out September 8th on Lucky Number, and it follows on the heels of debut single/title track, Teenage Witch, which you can stream below. You can pre-order the EP on limited edition 12″ vinyl from Bandcamp, here, or digitally, here.

January 6, 2017

Georgia’s dark experimental pop was a straight shot for my heart when I first heard it over a year ago. I promptly ordered the young and edgy UK artist’s innovative self titled debut album. I loved every iota of that underrated and overlooked record. Not only does Georgia push the envelope when it comes to grimy bold pop and gritty bristling electronica on her songs, but she also showcases her multi-instrument and production skills. Yes, Georgia plays drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, piano, kora, and sings. In the new music video for Feel It, her latest single, she aims to inspire a new generation of drummers and musicians. Prepare to be bewitched by her fierce charisma and contagious sonic handiwork. Feel It can be purchased now from iTunes. As for Georgia, I’m ready to watch her buzz grow. After all, she’s toured with some fabulous talent this past year and she’s about to tour with the Flaming Lips. I have a feeling this is going to be her year. 

April 22, 2015

Holychild, who I’ve had the pleasure of catching live in various settings numerous times now, unveiled what may be their best single to date today. While Happy For Me will always be dear to my heart, the Los Angeles based band’s new song, Money All Around, is most certainly their most massive hit and a divine evolution of their alt pop sound. This one ventures deeply into textured, glitchy electronic pop territory, with a fine dusting of noisy grime pop layered on top. The thunderous song is a taste off Holychild’s upcoming debut album, The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come. The record drops June 2nd on Glassnote. In the meantime, Holychild will be supporting Passion Pit on tour.

April 4, 2015

IRIS is a synthpop artist from Canada, and she easily stands out from the usual steady onslaught of female electronic pop artists in the scene with her new single Follow Me. It’s a magnificent and affecting song with a fierce groove that evokes La Roux, pulsing bleepy bloopy production that makes me think of Crystal Castles, as well as a vivacious and expansive M83 like vastness. Follow Me is a song carrying endless cheeky sass and bold confidence. IRIS will be releasing a debut EP later this year on Cult Nation.

March 26, 2015

Nick Drake is a bewitching and spectacular debut single from yet another new artist from Sweden, a spunky act named MIYNT. The song is a sultry, fiery, and stormy listen. Finely layered and drenched in a swirly, noisy ambiance, it gives off a thoroughly intoxicating sound that borders on frenetically dizzying. MIYNT’s debut envelopes from all sides in a drunken, sludgy haze of sensual, punk-y Karen O blended with trip hop Phantogram and Crystal Castles’ grimy electropop.

March 24, 2015

If grimy, edgy pop is your thing, you’re going to fall in love with this spunky tune, S.O.S. The infectious song comes from UK act Femme, aka Laura Bettinson, who recently toured in support of Charli XCX and was labelled “fashion’s favorite new pop star” by Vogue. S.O.S. is a hooking jam that I’ve fallen for deeply. It’s a little bit of Charli XCX, a little bit of MS MR, and a hint of Elliphant, all qualities I approve of with love.