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Keeping it chill…

September 4, 2011

I posted about Balam Acab a short while ago, and since then the artist’s been mentioned and touted on a lotta music sites with the new album. Good. Good. Here’s some more BA goodness.

There’s nothing better than this to end the night. Ease the day out, set up some dreams, and prep for another day.

This stuff makes me feel like I’m scuba diving or wading through some thick fluid air. Very tactile stuff.

Pictureplane covered by HEALTH

September 1, 2011

I had no idea who HEALTH was until I heard this cover they did of Pictureplane’s Goth Star, which if you haven’t heard the original, is a great catchy track by the man who created the term “witch house”. 

Pretty cool cover and great that they’re doing this live and spreading more Pictureplane knowledge, but I very much prefer the original. VERY much prefer the original. 

Of course I had to look up who HEALTH is. I quickly found a Pictureplane remix of a HEALTH song. There seems to be a trend lately for artists/bands to swap remixes and covers of each other, oftentimes live (ie. Weezer covering Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People covering Say It Ain’t So). Here’s the Pictureplane remix of HEALTH’s Lost Time…

Upon looking up more info, I find out HEALTH is a noise pop band from good ol Southern California. Now, here’s where I momentarily got SUPER confused. I read something about them releasing something with Crystal Castles (ahh, CC, <3). Something about.. Crimewave (ahh, good song.. <3). I was completely befuddled. What I had never known was that Crimewave is actually a HEALTH song which CC then did their own version of which then blew up… Do you guys know this? I did not! A little part of me felt like.. aww.. you mean that masterpiece of a musical work was not an original by Kath and Glass? I proceeded to look up the original HEALTH version of Crimewave…

Umm. Did I find the wrong video? I looked it up again and checked out a few other versions. Umm. Upon further inspection, OK, I guess it IS the correct song, but not exactly the SAME song… I can see why Crystal Castles’ version blew up, and this one did not. What Kath did to the arrangement, what Glass brought to it… what they did combined still birthed the masterpiece. Oh Crystal Castles.. ❤ Haha. But the fact that HEALTH laid the groundwork is very impressive and this is totally a different type of song and feel. Veryyyy noisy and grungy and guitary (rather than synthy). VERY experimental too. Crystal Castles took it in a different direction of experimentation. 

Anyway, had to finish up with another original HEALTH song to better represent who they were without the distraction of the whole Crystal Castles thing, so I found this video, and the direction in this one I do find intriguing and find myself liking…

Lastly, I’ll just have to add in Crimewaves (Crystal Castles rebirthed version) after all that talk about it. Cuz I can never get enough Crystal Castles and I haven’t had a dose of CC in awhile, neeeeed it. 😉

One more grave wave related track…

August 31, 2011


Here’s a Salem remix of Gucci Mane and it’s awesome! WICKED. =)

Switching gears to a heavenly oOoOO remix

August 31, 2011

This is oOoOO’s remix of Marina & the Diamond’s Obsessions. Very minimalistic, tinge of witch house/grave wave, a little bit glitchy. And a whole lot of deliciousness for the ears. ❤

MOAR awesome albums streaming pre-release!

August 29, 2011

NPR has a few more albums that are streaming on their site which aren’t out yet.

Here’s Balam Acab’s (I posted a few samples of his stuff in my most recent witch house post):

And here’s Wild Flag’s self titled album! 

Obviously, these are two REALLY different types of sounds! Took a quick “glance” through the streams and they both sound good. Do you feel more like retro pop rock Go-Go’s like stuff or post dubstepy/witch house-y/glitchy stuff? Take your pick!

Can I creep you out?

August 26, 2011


As mentioned in my last post, it’s time for some witch house/grave wave/drag! I don’t actually find the music that “creepy”. But I’m known for being the “shield” in haunted house tours and for not hiding my face during horror films. *shrug* Anyway, the same artists known for falling under the witch house umbrella make tracks that sound insanely different from each other. Some could be very upbeat ethereal songs, others are uptempo hiphop-y distorted glitchy trax, and yet others are indeed VERY dark.

Without further ado, let’s take a little trip down some ghoulish soundscapes. 

First off, some Balam Acab.. “Apart” is VERY glitchy (as some people call the type of music, Glitch).

While that sample might fall a little outside of the witch house I promised you and is in the large grey areas between all these related genres, this won’t disappoint:

Aww yea, enough witchiness in that track?

Alright, let’s move on to oOoOO, and I’ll share a couple that I don’t think I shared in my previous post of oOoOO trax a week ago or so.

I may have shared oOoOO’s hearts before, or maybe not.. but it’s an awesome track, a lil more similar to Crystal Castles (<3 CC)

OK, ok, the beginning is a bit creepy I must agree, and perhaps the video too, but just listen….. here’s Salem with some good ish

OK, I’ll end the witch house review for now, I can keep going… until next time! Maybe more Pictureplane next time.. some more Salem.. hmm.. we’ll see. 😉

Ghostpoet remixes Foe

August 24, 2011


Seems Foe’s getting more attention lately. Ghostpoet remixed Foe’s Deep Water Heart Breaker. It’s very minimalistic, a bit grave wave/witch housey, a little post-dubsteppy.
FOE – ‘Deep Water Heart Breaker’ (Ghostpoet Remix) by nmemagazine

Big effing surprise, the embedding won’t work for the remix! Here’s a direct link:

As for the original, which sounds really good, I’ve had a hard time this past week or so trying to find a version I can post. It’s a great grungy song, but it’s not “available” to us folks here in the US of A. =(  Here’s a link to hear it, finally, but no way I can embed just yet.

I never understood all the issues with releasing things online here and across the pond. Is it that complicated and hard?