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March 23, 2018

Those that have been following along with us for the past several months probably know how much of a fan we are of grandson, the genre defying musician who first blew our minds with BLOOD//WATER. When we saw that Jordan Benjamin, the man behind this buzzing enterprise, was teasing a new song for today, we were incredibly excited. We knew we were in for a treat. Sure enough, Thoughts & Prayers is an explosive and vehement anthem. And it brings us a profound message, too, at a time when our nation seems to be under siege by gun violence and tragedy more than before. The LA by way of Toronto musician brings us a spectacularly rousing alt track in Thoughts & Prayers, as well as his signature blend of hip hop, alt rock, and electronica on the song. It comes with an arresting music video and a website, here, to go with its somber message. For those of you who love twenty one pilots, grandson’s Thoughts & Prayers should be right up your alley. Perhaps grandson is the new voice of our young generation, who have so much to say these days. I’m proud of them and the change they will help bring around for us.

February 10, 2018

Jordan Benjamin, the man behind fascinating project grandson, first landed on our radar several months ago when he released his single BLOOD//WATER to widespread acclaim. We were immediately blown away by his fresh fusion of rock, electronica, hip hop, and trap, so intensely and passionately delivered by his scratchy, raspy vocals and the hard hitting track’s vociferous energy. To our delight, many others noticed the genius behind the track, too, and grandson’s buzz has since flourished, growing exponentially by the day. Re-visit our BLOOD//WATER feature, here. grandson’s new song, OVERDOSE, arrives today. We’ve been waiting on pins and needles for a new song from grandson, and we’re absolutely thrilled with the quality of this emotive prowling, grainy drawling track, a dark and foreboding, bitter and feral torrent of grandson’s electro heaving, trap needling rock and hip hop. We can’t wait for a chance to experience grandson’s music live. I’d imagine it to be a visceral gripping and intensively consuming excursion. Keep up with this must watch artist via his website, here.

November 2, 2017

New project on our radar ‘grandson’ is the brainchild of Jordan Benjamin, whose known for melding genres by incorporating rock, electronica, and trap into his concoctions. New single BLOOD//WATER is a striking example of his compositional expertise, a powerful battle cry anthem exploding with fiery power and electrifying energy. Its bass hits hard, while grandson’s drawling vocals create much suspense and captivation. It’s clear BLOOD//WATER is an unforgettably vehement and riotous spectacular that defies classification. The adrenaline pumping, hard rocking banger is available from iTunes, here.