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October 14, 2017

Lush sensual strings and GRAACE’s flawless voice greets our ears as we wade into Hayden James’ phenomenal new single, NUMB. We’re anything but numb as we melt into the Australian producer’s supple and limber new aria, which starts like a Rhye and J.Views composition before a soft beat kicks in and takes us on a slow burn trip to sonic Eden. Wave upon wave of luscious synths wash over us on the chill electronic opus, which showcases a whole new level of Hayden James’ production dexterity. NUMB is pure elegance, and total celestial bliss. The single is out now on Future Classic. Download and stream, here.

March 10, 2017

An intoxicating spray of chill luscious electronica and graceful lulling downtempo pop originates from Cold Without You, Grace Pitts’ beautiful debut single. The 19 year old singer songwriter arrives out of Sydney to serenade us with her svelte enchanting vocals, which diffuse with a sophisticated R&B soul elegance. Cold Without You is like cooled down, less feverish Banks, permeated with the sensual softness of WET. It’s quite the enticing and tantalizing introduction to Grace Pitts. Cold Without You is available now from iTunes.