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May 22, 2018

We previously fell in love with GRAACE’s supple, lissome voice when she graced Hayden James’ single NUMB with a more than impressive performance. And now the 21 year old Sydney singer songwriter has released her official debut, Kissing Boys, a pristine sparkler of a halcyon gliding, synth billowing pop song. It’s sweetly luscious like lips and delicately tender like the soft pangs within our hearts when we can’t stop worrying about the objects of our affections. Stream/download GRAACE’s immaculate debut, here.

March 28, 2018

If you’ve yet to encounter Pluko and have no idea how adept this rising producer is, I can assure you, you’re going to start seeing the name a whole lot more as the year continues to progress. The 17 year old Pittsburgh producer (what’s with the burgeoning Pittsburgh electronic scene?), will convince you of his talent in one remix. Get ready for dark swiveling synths and gorgeously rendered instrumentals on Pluko’s remix of Hayden James’ lush and sensual, limber and supple beauty, NUMB, featuring GRAACE. It’ll probably remind you of Flume and What So Not’s hit singles with the likes of Kai and George Maple, tracks that happen to be some of my favorite electronic tracks of this decade. But let’s not stop there, continue your electronic escapade by dissolving into the ambient beauty of Pluko’s original, her. If Explosions In The Sky ever went the future bass route, it might sound something like this immensely moving, breathtakingly profound piece.

UPDATE: In a sheepish moment of realization, I now know that Pluko is Pluto, who had to change his name for legal reasons. So yes, of course Pluko is talented, we love Pluto!

October 14, 2017

Lush sensual strings and GRAACE’s flawless voice greets our ears as we wade into Hayden James’ phenomenal new single, NUMB. We’re anything but numb as we melt into the Australian producer’s supple and limber new aria, which starts like a Rhye and J.Views composition before a soft beat kicks in and takes us on a slow burn trip to sonic Eden. Wave upon wave of luscious synths wash over us on the chill electronic opus, which showcases a whole new level of Hayden James’ production dexterity. NUMB is pure elegance, and total celestial bliss. The single is out now on Future Classic. Download and stream, here.

February 10, 2016

I’ve been incredibly excited about this new project FLANCH ever since I listened to an early preview of the project’s avant-garde rap tape last week. Today, the Indianapolis based collective have unleashed FLANCH (stream it in full on bandcamp). FLANCH isn’t just an audio project, it’s a visual one as well, and the first track off the release to receive a heady music video treatment is opening track graace. The jolting tune is a prime example of FLANCH’s savagely rattling and deeply gratifying wall of grimy electronica and filthy pop. graace is a feral beast with the dark complexion of FKA Twigs and Arca, the dissonant grit of Die Antwoord, and the cacophonous muck of Death Grips, all varnished with a thin layer of Kanye West. Watch the ominous video for graace below, and stay tuned for the next video and track off the tape nex week.