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December 13, 2017

Earlier this year, Toronto synthpop, art pop, and darkwave maestros Austra released a truly excellent album in the form of Future Politics. I was lucky enough to catch the quartet on tour for its release, too. Katie Stelmanis was a goddess on stage, thoroughly captivating and riveting with her operatic vocals while the band entranced and bewitched us with their gothic electronics. Change The Paradigm is a fresh new tune that never made it on Future Politics. It’s almost bewildering it didn’t, considering how well it fits into the album’s sound and how good it is, with its sharp thrilling jabs and icy cold pulses. If you managed to miss out on Future Politics, we highly suggest you get on it, now. It’s available from Domino, here.

August 18, 2017

For die hard Crystal Castles fans like me, though we’ve come to lovingly embrace Edith’s role in the project and Alice Glass’ exit, our earliest, most cherished CC memories will always be associated with the young artist’s shrill screams and spectacular persona on stage. Today, Alice released a surprise solo EP, her very first and one that we’ve been ravenously waiting for, for a very long time. Aside from that phenomenal first single Without Love, the self titled release includes five other icy haunting, dark pulsing delights. A couple of my immediate favorites are Forgiveness, which you can stream above, and murky jarring Natural Selection, which you can find below. The full EP can be streamed on Alice Glass’ YouTube channel, here, or Spotify, here. Purchase the EP from iTunes, here.

August 11, 2017

I’m rushing out the door soon to attend Outside Lands Music Festival, and it’s going to be a tiring three days with little time to share music, if any. But there’s one item I’d really like to hash out real quick before I head out to foggy Golden Gate Park for hours upon hours of live music. I’ve already listened to this tune countless times since it dropped yesterday… Behold, Alice Glass’ new solo single, Without Love! I’m sure you all remember the edgy riveting, gothy dark artist who was once one half of Crystal Castles before that original lineup fell apart after three scintillating albums. We come to love Edith, but we’ve been missing Alice dearly, whose stage antics and eccentric charisma is seared into our hearts from our many live experiences watching her twist and writhe on stage (even when she had a broken ankle). Without Love is a glitchy haunting, sinuous winding electronic pop gem that seems to meld Crystal Castles with Purity Ring. Alice Glass will be touring with Marilyn Manson this fall. In fact, she’ll be hitting up San Francisco the same week Crystal Castles will be in town, too. Without Love arrives with a video directed by Floria Sigismondi. Grab the single from iTunes, here.

July 24, 2017

As most of my friends well know, I’m an enormous fan of Canadian duo Purity Ring, having fallen hard for the pair’s dark trip hop, electronica, and synthpop since before IHM became such a huge part of my life. I was there for one of their first shows in San Francisco, at tiny little Bottom of the Hill years ago. As such, its no small news when Megan James and Corin Roddick release new music. In fact, its gargantuan news, if you ask me. Today is the five year anniversary of Purity Ring’s debut album Shrines. Just thinking of that album makes me sigh in adoration. To mark the occasion, and to thank their now countless fans, Purity Ring has released a new song and lyric video. Asido harkens back to songs like Bellispeak and Obedear with its glitchy trip hop and dark gothic synthpop. It also boasts plenty of those eloquent yet visceral, abstruse and poetic lyrics the band is well known and loved for. Instead of thanking us, we should be thanking you, Purity Ring, for all the deeply moving, inky entrancing music you’ve given us over the years. Asido is out on 4AD. Purchase/stream, here.

July 8, 2017

Goth synthopop veteran Zola Jesus made her long awaited return last month with a darkly ravishing, intensely droning number named Exhumed. She also announced a new album, Okovi, due to arrive September 8th via Sacred Bones. We now get a new sludgy taste off the album. Soak is viscous and opaque, a clamorous thrushing brooder. It’s an instant download if you pre-order Okovi, here. I’m pretty gutted that I might have to miss her stop in San Francisco at the Independent when she heads out on tour this fall. The last time I saw her live was Outside Lands Music Festival in 2012. Not only has it been far too long, but her new music sounds like it’s going to be glorious live.

June 28, 2017

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for dark bewitching, eccentric and avant-garde pop, so it comes as no surprise that I’m drawn to Joanne Pollock’s Expect Me. Joanne Pollock, who’s also known for her role as one half of Poemss with Venetian Snares, has drenched her operatic and gothic experimental aria with spellbinding off kilter melodies and riveting other worldly vocals.

The electronica and pop amalgamation comes from the Canadian artist’s debut solo album, Stranger, out now via Planet Mu / Timesig, and it’s been given a captivating music video treatment.

You can find her solo album via Bandcamp, here.

June 23, 2017

Dreams is an incredibly intriguing sonic experience that fully lives up to its name. It’s a surreal and shadowy, eccentric and bizarre hover of an electronic and experimental pop song from Neta Elias, a forward thinking singer-songwriter and producer who’s chosen artistic moniker is TESHA. Though she’s based out of Los Angeles, TESHA was born in Israel, where she grew up playing with her mother’s living room piano and drew inspiration from the likes of Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, and the classical era. Our first encounter with her bewitching music is actually her second single from an upcoming EP named Dreams Vol. 1, due out June 30th. The near spiritual meditation that is Dreams is like a confluence of all that is left field entrancing and dark haunting from the likes of Björk, Zola Jesus, Purity Ring, and Lydia Ainsworth, but suspended in a nebulous and murky solution.

May 2, 2017

I myself fell like a content fly on the wall as I’m drawn ever deeper into a dark ocean of guttural beats and glassy synths on Black Fly’s Sign 2. I’m immediately drawn to the gothy dance pop and darkwavey synthpop this Vermont based musician serves up on his second single, which comes by way of a captivating black and white music video. Black Fly seems to infuse the opaque pulsing arias of HEALTH, TR/ST, or Zola Jesus with a brighter pop and a twinkling bob, making Sign 2 a unique listen that plays with both shadow and light. There’s also a close intimacy to his music that reminds me of Majical Cloudz, too, particularly on debut single I Don’t Know, which you can stream below. Sign 2 can also be streamed on Spotify, here

January 11, 2017

Lydia Ainsworth’s 2014 debut album, Right From Real, is hauntingly beautiful. She mesmerized me from the stage not long after its release at SXSW with its gothic experimental/electro pop. I’m duly excited that the Toronto based singer songwriter and producer has since announced a sophomore album, Darling of the Afterglow, due out March 31st via Bella Union. Our first taste off this LP comes by way of a dreamlike music video. The Road is a beautifully captivating balance between glacial swelling rumbles and Lydia Ainsworth’s warm delicate, willowy elegant vocals. She paints a dramatic picture with her shadowy mesmeric song. As an unsettling storm looms in the distance, we travel this precarious road. Our melancholic tranquility is short lived as we trudge forth, across an enchanting yet foreboding soundscape, our hearts restless and unhinged. New album Darling Of The Afterglow can be pre-ordered, here.

February 7, 2015

There’s always this magical, enchanting quality to Scandinavian artists and their music. The same can be said of Sweden’s Eternal Death, who despite an obvious darkness to her music and possibly one of the most morbid artist names I’ve encountered in awhile, also carries a goddess like ethereal quality on her music. Eternal Death’s glittering electronic pop song Violence is a captivating new release, with the moody folk pop flavors of Lykke Li but with far more spacious and fantastical synth work, at times similar to the gothy sounds of Austra. There’s a sharp texture to the song’s sound that reminds me of broken shards of beautiful glass. swirling against it each other and gleaming in a dim light. Violence will be out February 16th on Labrador Records.