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May 4, 2017

I’m still reeling from the news that just surfaced regarding how Johnny Jewel destroyed tens of thousands of CDs and vinyl after he had a near death experience a couple years ago. Those records were imprinted with that long awaited, highly anticipated new Chromatics album Dear Tommy, whose release date has been long delayed while the band has been apparently re-recording and perfecting the release. Though we’re still waiting for Dear Tommy, we get to enjoy some of Johnny Jewel’s production in HEAVEN’s It’s Not Enough. The song is this Italians Do It Better signed electronic band’s first single, and it comes with a mysterious video whose aesthetic goes perfectly the world’s fresh obsession with Twin Peaks and David Lynch. It’s Not Enough’s droopy darkwave and lavish synthcore is ghostly and foggy, gossamer and wispy… There’s no way this twisted 80′s heart can resist HEAVEN and their first taste from a debut EP. 

May 2, 2017

I myself fell like a content fly on the wall as I’m drawn ever deeper into a dark ocean of guttural beats and glassy synths on Black Fly’s Sign 2. I’m immediately drawn to the gothy dance pop and darkwavey synthpop this Vermont based musician serves up on his second single, which comes by way of a captivating black and white music video. Black Fly seems to infuse the opaque pulsing arias of HEALTH, TR/ST, or Zola Jesus with a brighter pop and a twinkling bob, making Sign 2 a unique listen that plays with both shadow and light. There’s also a close intimacy to his music that reminds me of Majical Cloudz, too, particularly on debut single I Don’t Know, which you can stream below. Sign 2 can also be streamed on Spotify, here

May 1, 2017

It’s a rare treat to come across a track that features gothy electronic pop artist Zola Jesus on guest vocals, so the moment Howl caught my attention, I had to set everything aside for a thrilling listen. Howl comes by way of Black Asteroid, a new project from Bryan Black, also one half of esteemed duo MOTOR. Bryan launches full force into the world of dark techno as Black Asteroid, and he couldn’t have picked a better partner to do so with than Zola Jesus on  Howl. A fittingly inky music video comes with Howl, too. Stream the stunning abstract visualizer below. Howl will be on Black Asteroid’s album Thrust, due out later this year on Last Gang Records. 

April 27, 2017

Rochester band Joywave is back with their first new song in over a year, and this time around, we’re in for a dark heady ride. Content is an ominous thudding, inky intoxicating beast of a tune. About a minute into the song’s eerie introspection, Joywave breaks into thrashing ferocity. They’ve melded indietronica with industrial tinged electro rock in heart pumping fashion. Content is like Nine Inch Nails paired with The Shoes or Big Data, with even a sprinkling of Radiohead in its subdued and meditative moments and a sliver of Crystal Castles in its acerbic synths intens. Content is a trip of a tune and just the right kind of danse macabre I adore. 

April 2, 2017

As you likely well know by now, I have a deep propensity for the dark and twisted, or the witchy and macabre. So when I encountered this unsigned Australian producer and his song Thorns, I fell for it, hard. Thorns comes from WA?STE’s five track Hollow Vessel EP, an inky opaque listen through and through. Thorns is deliciously haunting. Its gothy witch house production and gossamer vocals even evoke some of my favorite horror movie soundtracks, like Disasterpeace’s work for 2015 break out hit It Follows, for one. You can stream WA?STE’s evocative Hollow Vessel EP in full on Soundcloud. It’s out now via the label Genome6.66Mbp.

February 25, 2017

Gothy electro rockers HEALTH have been silent since their 2015 album Death Magic, so it’s with great pleasure that I encountered a brand new track from the trio this week. Dark whirring Euphoria, despite being an original, arrives as part of HEALTH’s new DISCO 3 remix album. The other tracks that flesh out the album include remixes by the likes of Haxan Cloak, Preoccupations, Purity Ring, and more. It’s obvious this is an album I need to check out, stat. HEALTH’s video for the spine tingling tune is made up of footage from the band’s past. DISCO 3 is out now on iTunes via Loma Vista.

December 6, 2016

Toronto’s darkwavy synthpop darlings Austra seems to deliver us a message very much appropriate for our somber political era from deep within a new music video for Future Politics, the title track from the band’s forthcoming full length. This riveting clip explores both change in values and transformation of vision, resulting in a whimsically fitting companion for the edgy pulsating, bold innovative synthpop found within the song. In fact, Future Politics feels like it could truly have come from the future. It scintillates with rapid thrumming tech beats and Katie Stelmanis’ ever operatic & baroque vocals. Austra has quickly fanned the fire of my excitement for the arrival of their new album on January 20th. Pre-order, here.

November 7, 2016

Fans of Austra’s gothy dark synthpop (like myself) couldn’t be happier last month when the Toronto four piece announced their next album and presented us with a brand new single. That glacial baroque treat has received an official remix treatment by Ikonika, a UK producer whom Katie Stelmanis considers amongst her favorites. Utopia gets an inky dark makeover replete with ominous sawing synths and droopy somber beats. Ikonika’s remix is truly a haunting splendorous affair. My twisted heart can’t get enough of this spectral edit. Austra’s third album Future Politics is due to arrive January 20th via Domino. I already have my ticket locked in for Austra’s show at the Mezzanine in San Francisco on February 11th. 

September 7, 2016

We continue our evening journey into the heart of darkness alongside London duo Plaitum, from whom we’ve grown accustomed to expecting inky atmospheric, icy gripping electronic and alt pop. They come at us anew with a new double A-side which includes this seething visceral, pulsing riveting track named MYO. One part whirring electropop and one part gritty dance punk, MYO is like a glamorously bristling combination of The Kills with Crystal Castles. The other track on Plaitum’s new double A-side is Grace Hits, a noisy thrumming, moody fuming number you can stream below. Both singles are available now from iTunes.

September 2, 2016

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this dark, twisted heart is much fond of HEALTH and their noisy experimental rock. Thanks to the Adult Swim Singles Program, we can indulge in some of the Los Angeles trio’s fuzzy gothy splendor in the form of new song Crusher, a crushing song indeed. The cacophonous crashing, dissonant piercing song is a visceral explosion of sludgy pummeling turbulence. Grab the single for free from