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April 10, 2018

I’m a fan of anything involving Johnny Jewel, but of course my all time favorite Johnny Jewel project is Chromatics. As such, I nearly squealed with glee after encountering a his remix of Zola Jesus’ Ash To Bone. The original track comes off the gothy synthpop queen’s excellent 2017 album Okovi, and now it’s gone the warped synthy, thick soupy course thanks to Johnny Jewel’s caliginous re-imagination. The release is even accompanied by a new music video directed by Zola Jesus and Jenni Hensler. You can find Johnny Jewel’s remix on Zola Jesus’ new B-sides pack, Okovi: Additions, out on Sacred Bones, here

March 23, 2018

I’m incredibly grateful to come across Esther Joy, an emerging London-based singer songwriter and producer whose dark, heady left-field electro-pop is acerbic and sharp, jolting and thrilling. That’s right, this is goth tinged, electro-punk inflected electronic deliciousness, exactly the sort of turbulent, menacing, and stormy music that we love. Day 4 (Landing) is her new track from forthcoming The Acid Caves Vol 1 EP, due out April 27th. For another taste of that EP, stream Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home) below and let it totally transfix you with its icy opaque electronica, much like a mesmeric fusion of all that we love from Alice Glass, Kill J, Zola Jesus, and the likes. Those in the UK can catch a surely electrifying Esther Joy performance at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this May. 

February 23, 2018

I’m insanely thrilled that Zola Jesus and Alice Glass have announced a co-headlining tour named SnowBlood, plus they’re bringing Pictureplane along for the ride, too. I’m so stoked, I’ve already purchased a pre-sale ticket for their April 28th stop at the Independent in San Francisco. As a long time fan of all that involves gothy electro pop and haunting darkwave, this stacked lineup couldn’t be more splendidly enticing. Zola Jesus, long known for her synthy art pop and hypnagogic darkwave, has followed up that news with a brand new track named Bound, too. The frosty propulsive track is her first new material since last year’s acclaimed album Okovi, as well as her fresh new contribution to Adult Swim’s Singles Series. She’ll also be releasing a new B-sides collection named Okovi: Additions, which includes unreleased outtakes from Okovi and several remixes. Okovi: Additions arrives April 6th. Learn more about her co-headlining tour with Alice Glass, here.

January 24, 2018

All Crystal Castles disappointment aside, there’s no denying that Alice Glass is still a queen as a solo artist when it comes to dark noisy electro-punk and barbed abrasive electro-pop. In fact, she tickles our ears and jars the whole of our beings with a fresh new tune and video named CEASE AND DESIST today, which she wrote herself, with additional writing and production turned in by Jupiter Keyes (formerly of HEALTH) as well as noisecore producer Dreamcrusher. Delightfully crushing indeed is this sublime sensory overload, replete with Alice’s wild and exhilarating wailing. “This song is a call to arms for all survivors,” says Glass. “But being a survivor often means feeling afraid, it means sometimes feeling worthless, like you can’t go on. We need to fight back against those who have victimized us and against the feelings that tell us to give up inside. Sometimes we think we deserve the pain others have inflicted on us. This song is what I need to tell myself to get through each day, and what I hope other survivors can remember when they feel like they can’t make it through the darkness of their own recovery. Every day is a fight.” The message is a striking one considering the current state of affairs, both for Alice Glass and her own experiences as well as every other woman finding her voice as a courageous survivor right now. CEASE AND DESIST arrives as Glass’ first new release since her debut solo EP last year. We’re hoping we get to catch her new music live soon, since it’s been a very long time since we’ve had the pleasure of taking in the gloriously savage and untamed stage presence of Alice Glass. You can purchase CEASE AND DESIST from iTunes, here.

October 24, 2017

By fortuitous chance, we encountered an enigmatic production project on Soundcloud the other day named DIVINE. As you’ve probably figured out from following IHM in the past, this music head is incredibly fond of the dark and haunting. DIVINE’s music is just that… it’s witchy and gothy, ominous yet euphoric. In fact, this mysterious project has gone and remixed Purity Ring’s rendition of HEALTH’s Life, and I couldn’t be happier with the ghostly droning, spectral humming results. DIVINE is a fine discovery just before Halloween hits us in just over a week from now. For another taste from the project, stream Haunt You below, and revel in its glitchy pulsing, chime tinkling umbral beauty. 

August 30, 2017

Gothy synthpop queen Zola Jesus continues to serve up spectacular new songs off of her next album Okovi in the form of a grandiose and atmospheric new tune named Siphon. She’s siphoned my very heart and soul away with this beautiful electronic pop song, which packs a whole lot of emotional weight in its aureate soundscape. Okovi is shaping up to be quite the diverse collection of music. Zola Jesus has rattled us and riveted us with thorny jabbing, tense droning Exhumed, as well as haunted us and bewitched us with viscous and opaque brooder Soak. Now, she takes us on a magnificent journey of catharsis with Siphon, which she co-produced with WIFE and Alex DeGroot. Around the release of Okovi, Zola Jesus will host two NYC events. The first will be a listening party that takes place on September 7th at the Sonos Store in SoHo. The second is an immersive listening and visual experience on September 13th in Chinatown called Okovi: Surround – a Sound Experience provided by Sonos. More information HERE and HERE. You can also catch her on tour in the U.S. this fall, though I don’t see a San Francisco stop, unfortunately. Ticket info can be found, here. Pre-order Okovi, here, and download Siphon instantly.

August 29, 2017

Swedish pop artist Beatrice Eli will be releasing her new EP, The Careful, on September 8th via Razzia / Family Tree Music. That’s Not Us is a moody intense, icy gripping taste off that EP. There’s no escaping the allure of its mournful synths and ominous pulsing beats, particularly when you’re as fond of dark crepuscular pop as I am. You can also stream That’s Not Us via Spotify, here, as we await this soulful voiced Swedish singer songwriter’s new EP.

August 18, 2017

For die hard Crystal Castles fans like me, though we’ve come to lovingly embrace Edith’s role in the project and Alice Glass’ exit, our earliest, most cherished CC memories will always be associated with the young artist’s shrill screams and spectacular persona on stage. Today, Alice released a surprise solo EP, her very first and one that we’ve been ravenously waiting for, for a very long time. Aside from that phenomenal first single Without Love, the self titled release includes five other icy haunting, dark pulsing delights. A couple of my immediate favorites are Forgiveness, which you can stream above, and murky jarring Natural Selection, which you can find below. The full EP can be streamed on Alice Glass’ YouTube channel, here, or Spotify, here. Purchase the EP from iTunes, here.

June 7, 2017

It’s been a long while since we last heard from one of our favorite gothy synthpop purveyors, so we’re absolutely delighted that Zola Jesus is back and that she’s announced a new album, too. Okovi will arrive on September 8th via Sacred Bones, and her extensive fall tour for the album will take her to San Francisco on October 17th. It’s going to be such a treat to see her at the intimate Independent. Zola Jesus has unveiled the lead single from Okovi, and it’s a thorny jabbing, tense droning spectacular. Exhumed is a thunderous ringing, inky operatic song that re-exposes my love of all that is dark and ominous. Pre-order Okovi from iTunes, here, and download Exhumed instantly. Learn more about Zola Jesus’ impending tour on her website, here.

June 1, 2017

They made be named Bad Channels, but I’m loving everything that this Toronto band is channeling on their latest single Exo. Darkwave, dream pop, synthpop, post-punk, shoegaze, electro… this one has it all. This nebulous tidal wave of whirring synths, billowing vocals, and crashing drums is heavily steeped with 80′s nostalgia. Its Chromatics meets John Hughes, Au Revoir Simone meets TR/ST resplendence makes Exo the perfect Twin Peaks accompaniment. I can totally picture Bad Channels playing this song in the Bang Bang Bar. Exo is the lead single from Bad Channels’ Lost Time I EP, due out June 9th. Head to Bandcamp to pre-order or snag the single.