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March 6, 2018

I’ve already listened to this many times since it first surfaced late last week, but I thought I’d drop it on for a share too. Back in the mid 90s, Johnny Cash covered Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage. Long after Cash passed away, Chris Cornell returned the sentiment and recorded a song with Cash’s own words as lyrics, and the end result gives me chills. Not only is Cornell’s voice stunning on the acoustic track (as expected), but now that we’ve lost both legends, listening to You Never Knew My Mind is also unimaginably heartbreaking. The recording is part of a new compilation named Johnny Cash: Forever Words, on which an array of musicians creates new songs out of unpublished Cash works. The compilation arrives April 6th. Pre-order, here.

December 22, 2017

South Carolina indie/alt rock outfit Stop Light Observations released the latest edition of their series of digital 45s earlier this month. Vanderlight is a new infusion of the band’s pop infused rootsy melodic rock. Sky scraping synths, vibrant guitars, and breathtaking vistas abound on the electro-rocking and alt popping A-side, a beautifully soaring, panoramic sweeping excursion that defies simple classification. SLO defies expectations with this mosaic pastiche. Stream more of Stop Light Observations’ music via Soundcloud, here.

April 28, 2017

X Ambassadors’ popularity sure shot skywards at a meteoric pace in 2015 when they released their platinum selling sophomore record VHS. They’re more than poised to sustain that lofty trajectory now that they’ve released a powerful new anthem in the form of gospel and blues imbued Torches. This rousing number immediately evokes both Cold War Kids and AWOLNATION, though in a far more slow simmering, poignant lamenting manner. Purchase Torches from major outlets, here. Come fall this year, X Ambassadors will be returning to their hometown of Ithaca, NY to host an outdoor concert and city wide weekend festival. The inaugural Cayuga Sound Festival is scheduled to take place on September 22-23rd.

August 25, 2016

On Friday, Charleston’s Stop Light Observations will be dropping a sure to be tremendous album named TOOGOODOO. As we await the record, let’s dive into the “riotous roots-gospel rock” band’s mesmeric single Security, which bucks the “riotous” part of their self description. In fact, it’s a rhythmic drifting, dulcet reflective chill out ballad. Security’s bluesy mien comes with a hint of hip hop accent and plenteous bucolic Southern gospel charm. Re-visit Stop Light Observations’ prior singles from TOOGOODOO on Soundcloud. Security can be purchased on iTunes.

July 13, 2016

Apple Pie might be Rafferty’s Beats 1 premiered debut single, but this Los Angeles artist has already captured the attention of Grammy Award winning producer Jeff Bhasker. Prior to release, the single was also selected by Apple for their iPhone 6 launch and has since become the most used song in Apple’s history of any product launch. The hearty song’s bluesy soulful alt rock is sultry hot and fearlessly confident. Apple Pie roars and crashes, as magnificent an untamed and muddied rock song as they come. Rafferty’s resounding debut brings to mind The Black Keys and The White Stripes with some Hozier gospel blues. It leaves an indelible mark, leaving me eager for what Rafferty has in store for us next.