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May 2, 2018

It might not be morning right now as we share this next iridescent electronica and pop charmer, but it might as well be the best morning ever as TastyTreat and Claire Ridgely inject us with bright eyed wonder and vernal energy with their new song, Good Morning Jay. As always, we find ourselves turning to mush to the tune of Claire Ridgely’s soft, supple voice, while TastyTreat’s lavishly constructed future bass and chill trap production treats our ears to a wondrous fantasy-land full of vibrant life. Snazzy keys adorn the candy-coated aria, adding to the song’s intricate enchantment. Good Morning Jay is the living embodiment of a sublime Sunday morning, “rolled up under the covers” with that special someone. Monday seems incredibly far away, plus we’d rather just enjoy the moment, before we have to say goodbye and deal with those “Monday blues”. Stream/download the single, here.