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March 24, 2018

Sultry brooding Goliath packs a whole lot of smoldering fire. If you missed the defiant track last month, now’s your chance to take in its blazing noire pop via the music video that Roxiny just released for her song. The Dominican-American artist, who’s based out of NYC, is more than entrancing and a force to behold on the track. The full breadth of her vocal range is on display, alongside Goliath’s roiling guitars and heady lyrics. A dark disco groove accompanies the glorious ballad. Roxiny’s Goliath delivers a resplendent sound akin to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloodboy, with a heavier synth vibe that reminds me of MGMT’s Little Dark Age. Goliath will be on her forthcoming debut EP Rituals, out April 20th via Revoluna. The music video, which Roxiny co-directed with her longtime beau Shan Nicholson, is also wonderfully mesmeric, in a dark and edgy way. You can grab the single from iTunes, here.