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September 24, 2015

We all knew for some time now that a collaborative project between Big Boi and Phantogram would be pretty epic, but did we expect it to be this level of phenomenal goodness? Big Grams continues to reveal the songs off their self titled release with the latest spectacular treat a funky hip hop tune named Goldmine Junkie. So far, the songs have been very versatile with very different style of sound. Goldmine Junkie is a little more old school on the hip hop spectrum, and a lot more chill on the production side. Icing on the cake? Some pretty spunky vocals by Sarah Barthel, a sweet treat indeed. Pre-order Big Grams’ self titled 7 track EP on iTunes. Or snag a CD on Amazon, like I just did. I’m already halfway in love with the record, anyway, after the three songs we’ve heard.