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January 17, 2018

I watched my fair share of American Idol in its first few seasons of existence, but I lacked the time to keep up later on in the series. As such, I’m not always familiar with all the talented vocalists and musicians who have shared the limelight on the show, but we have already encountered season 14 star Rayvon Owen and his electro stippled pop due to his previous single Volume. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter enraptures us anew with a dominating performance on Gold. His buttery voice shines on the smooth pumping, vibrantly uptempo pop single, a truly aureate anthem that celebrates love. Love is exhilarating, love is sweet, love feels undescribably good… and that’s exactly what Rayvon Owen has given us in Gold. The single, which made its premiere via Billboard, can be streamed/downloaded, here.

November 14, 2017

There’s nobody as pleasingly gut wrenching and pleasantly soul crushing as EDEN, the incredible artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist we’ve been following along with since his early days as The Eden Project. Every time a new EDEN song surfaces, I know my heart’s in for a sweet reckoning. The astute songcrafter from Dublin gives us an intimately strumming, piercingly electrifying composition named ‘gold’ for his latest song. As if his career hasn’t already been magnificent in the past several years, EDEN is forecasted to have an even greater 2018 as he prepares to release his debut album. You can pre-order EDEN’s first full length, vertigo, here, before it arrives on January 19th. Purchase/stream ‘gold’, here, and join me in melting away for all eternity to his ever expressive, always aching crooning. EDEN will be heading out on a fresh tour after his album drops, with a stop right here in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom on March 13th. My live EDEN experience at a sold out Popscene was utterly astounding, so if I’m not at SXSW that week, you know where I’ll be.

October 17, 2017

Everything Win and Woo has given us in the exciting few years we’ve been fans have been “gold”. With each new release, the Chicago duo succeeded in disclosing even more of their strength and talent, surprising us and thrilling us with their growing shape shifting and ballooning versatility. It’s obvious Win and Woo have even more treasure hiding up their sleeves as they return with Gold, a moody prancer featuring magnetic Shaylen on guest vocals. Gold is a mid-tempo banger with a darker synth line and a sharp edge. It cuts into the heart like a gilded knife yet comforts with its luscious throbbing beauty. By the end of Gold, we’re dancing without abandon in pure bewitchment. Steal our hearts, break them to pieces, but we’ll never stop dancing to the buoyant euphoria that is Win and Woo’s weaving, bobbing orchestration. Stream/download Gold, here.

September 3, 2017

Gold like the brilliant sun is this pristine new pop aria from Sweden’s ever enchanting Frida Sundemo. It’s dipped in aureate orchestral opulence. Gold is as cinematic sprawling as we’ve ever heard this charismatic starlet, whose elegant and crystalline voice soars like a mythical bird across the song’s breathtaking soundscape. Inspired by the ever-changing nature of space, composer Hans Zimmer, and artists like Radiohead, the song is about “adventures and taking risks, throwing yourself out there and embracing an unknown future with the hopes for something better.” We take a moment break from the banality of our own life to embark on that wondrous adventure with Frida Sundemo. Gold comes from her new record, “Flashbacks and Futures” which is set to drop on October 6. 

August 4, 2017

Orlando based singer songwriter JOHN.k made quite the striking debut earlier this year when he released his first single, Runnin. The emotionally charged ballad showcased both his sonorous voice and a future bass inflected electro soul and R&B pop soundscape that was gripping, to say the least. JOHN.k now returns with another intensely riveting electronic single named Gold, on which he’s collaborated with fellow Floridian, Mad Decent signed and Grammy Award winning producer Ricky Remedy. We’re blasted with a grand effusion of gritty cinematic trap and flushed impassioned vocals by the pair. Gold is a choppy blustering, turbulent churning spectacular showcasing both artists’ talents. 

September 21, 2016

I called Portland duo ECHOS one of the most exciting emerging acts to watch, and not just once, too. I was a broken record throughout the year, praising the pair’s pristine electronic pop over and over again. Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited that I’ll get to see ECHOS on October 28th at Popscene when they make their San Francisco debut. While we await the fateful evening, let’s ride the cascading tidal wave that is ECHOS’ latest majestic and graceful pop ballad, Gold. Soft caressing strings and a vast expansive atmosphere cradle breathy enchanting vocals, taking us on a sentimental surging voyage into the heavens. Tell me this isn’t one of the most beautiful songs you’ve heard all year long. Gold will be on ECHOS’ self titled debut EP, out October 3rd and available for pre-ordering on iTunes and bandcamp.

May 25, 2016

Gold is exquisite, a fleecy plush, grandly lush alt pop debut from UK based newcomer SHELLS. It envelopes me softly, its warm atmosphere tangibly three dimensional and haunting intoxicating. The singer songwriter and producer explains that we’re “all human, we all want to love and be loved. Gold is about love enabling us to overcome obstacles… It’s asking for love to put us in black and white, to simplify a difficult situation by highlighting the things that matter, and helping us to let go of the things that don’t.”

July 10, 2015

When Sacramento duo Hippie Sabotage chooses to remix or flip your tune, it’s like a mark of honor and approval, a sign of good times to come. So, it’s no surprise but such a delight that the duo have chosen Illinoise newcomer Kiiara’s ace debut Gold for their latest remix. They take the glitchy pop song and give it a more airy and entrancing atmosphere, a downtempo allure drenched in a heavier mystique and plenty of breaking, skittery, drum and bass like beats. The haunting remix is a fresh alternate approach on Gold.

June 18, 2015

Gold is a bubbly, playful, and airy debut song from a new act from Illinoise named Kiiara, who teamed up with ever talented Felix Snow for the track. The producer does a fantastic job creating a shadowy, mysterious, and icy soundscape for Kiiara’s voice to glide over effortlessly. The glitchy pop song carries plenty of spacious atmosphere and an R&B meets pop quality that’s thoroughly hypnotic and softly sensual despite its chilly drafts. Gold is a first taste from the new 20 year old artist’s forthcoming debut EP, Meet Me In The Cornfield.

May 8, 2015

Back to Australia we go to jam to a producer named Loudun, whose recent single Gold shimmers as brilliantly as the precious metal it pays ode to. The track also features sensual vocals by Australian newcomer Tashka. The hypnotizing 2-step and future garage song is interlaced with sexy R&B vibes and spacious, barbed atmosphere.