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April 13, 2018

If there really were a “broken hearts club”, it’d probably be really hard to become a member. There are a lot of broken hearts in this world, and we’re all clamoring for some comfort and respite from the anguish and torment that the affliction brings us. Just remember, we’re not alone, and we have gnash to sooth us with his new lullaby now, too. The California producer surprises us with a chill, acoustic alt-R&B route on “the broken hearts club”. Lonesome guitar strums and gnash’s soft, heartfelt vocals tug at our capacity for empathy and commiseration. Heartbreak has never been more exquisite and endearing. For a moment, we’re actually thankful we get to feel every tiny twinge that comes with heartaches. We wouldn’t want to be left out of this club and miss out on wallowing with gnash. Download/stream “the broken hearts club”, here

February 17, 2017

The warm fuzzy vibes of Valentine’s Day continue to draw sighs from us as we melt away to Kiss Fight, a rather genuine look at the ups and downs of passionate romance. A whisper soft mix of tender piano pop, delicate hip hop, and chill electronica tugs at the heart strings on Kiss Fight, a misty saccharine tune from Ukraine native Tülpa and Toronto’s BLANKTS. Kiss Fight even features California producer gnash. Tülpa explains that he was walking to a park one day in Canada with BLANKTS when they saw a lot of signs that pointed them towards a series of things that eventually lead to a party where they found a piano. They wrote Kiss Fight that fateful day, and gnash joined in to collaborative with them to make Kiss Fight even more magical later on.

December 19, 2016

We take off across a dreamy sunset sky as smooth slicing future vibes caress our yearning hearts. The Bay’s own mezu, a new duo on my radar, has given fellow California project gnash’s ilusm a celestial remix featuring Illinois future trap artist Inverness. Not only does the beautiful edit evoke dulcet pining emotions, but the artwork for the track instills in me a deep craving for boba milk tea, too. Wouldn’t it be heavenly to listen to mezu’s rendition of ilusm from the top of some epic vista whilst sipping on milky sweet, pearly rich beverages? 

June 8, 2016

Our Santa Barbara boys Dropout are doing incredible things once again as they drop (pun intended) a scintillating new one in the form of Never Hate You, which features gorgeous vocals by one Anna Clendening. Never Hate You is actually a mashup cover affair, one that brings together Flume & Kai’s smash hit Never Be Like You and gnash & Olivia O’Brien’s “i hate u, i love u”, two tunes I adore massively. How they ever came up with this idea eludes my mind, but I’m plenty grateful they did. Never Hate You is divine, a seamless fusion of two tremendous songs. They combine to form one epic bouncy banger of an uplifting electronic jam. I’ll never be confused between choosing one song over another to listen to again. Well played, thank you, guys. Dropout’s Never Hate You is a free download, here.

March 3, 2016

San Francisco’s own Andrew Luce is proving himself quite the production force lately. His latest remix is a beautifully emotive interpretation of gnash and Olivia O’Brien’s I Hate U I Love U. The original’s quintessential representation of lovelorn torment is massively magnified in Andrew Luce’s darkly aching future bass remix. Though the track is a slow burner, the tension within its resolute approach is much heightened. Download Andrew Luce’s remix for free, here.

January 26, 2016

I’m literally glowing right now after my Warriors mopped the floor with the Spurs, though it’s been dampened a little by the slow “garage time” fourth quarter after the early monster lead. What else can bring that glow back to full potential but a gorgeous new remix? Berlin newcomer Perttu offers up a chill melodic but tropical jubilant edit of California producer gnash’s I Hate I Love, featuring Olivia O’Brien. The track’s springing vivacity is a fine contrast to the original’s moody lyrics. Download Perttu’s debut for free, here.

January 26, 2016

French producer Kidswaste teams up with California’s gnash on a gorgeous future bass and chill ambient beauty named Come Back. The twinkling song, a new version of an instrumental Kidswaste had previously released, begins softly tender before tropics hued chimes kick in and Come Back’s urgency builds to a shimmering, oscillating crest. They beseech us to come back, and there’s no denying their request when they captivate with such magnetism.