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December 19, 2017

Earlier this month, London’s Yehan Jehan released his new EP, Expansions. For an EP, it’s quite the song resplendent listen, clocking out at eight tracks. Aside from previously featured gooey funk and psychedelic rock jam Phantom’s Beat, Expansions also boasts this cocky strutting, glam twirling disco funk and kaleidoscopic dance rock scorcher, Eat Me Alive. It’s almost like Tame Impala and Portugal. the Man gone French house and Electric Guest on us. Expansions is available from iTunes, here.

July 11, 2017

To Moscow we go to re-visit with Pompeya as the duo unleashes upon us a heated disco twirler and smoldering dance rock sweeper of an anthem named Domino via an appropriately neon hued dance video. “Fall like a domino” I probably will once I finish dancing my heart out to the vivacious song, its funky licks, and pumping beats. The Russian pop/funk outfit has served up a sizzling hot jam off of their next EP, which arrives July 14th. Domino is both the EP’s lead single and title track. The full Domino EP was produced by none other than esteemed French house producer Fred Falke. Pompeya will be announcing a new tour shortly, too. I wonder what parts of the world it will be bringing them to, and whether San Francisco might be on the schedule.

June 8, 2017

To be honest, I had a difficult time trawling for more information about this new band after they bowled me over with their debonair debut, I Want To Crawl Inside Of You. I managed to find out that Famous is a six piece band out of London. Their first song is a swaggering strutter oozing disco glam art rock and dance rock charm. I Want To Crawl Inside Of You is like a mix of Pulp and Bowie gone LCD Soundsystem with a whiff of Arcade Fire and a dash of Franz Ferdinand. The smashing tune comes with a music video which plays on the band’s name and parodies a lot of other well known pop art and classical art scenarios. I Want To Crawl Inside Of You is out on iTunes, here

October 4, 2016

The Capital Cities train has been an incredibly fun ride for my friends and me. We obsessed over the Southern California band and their lavish uplifting funk pop from even before the birth of I Heart Moosiq, hitting up their intimate early shows at Popscene and elsewhere time and time again, dancing and singing along to Safe And Sound like the world were going to explode and we really kept ourselves safe and sound by becoming one with the band. Watching these dance pop troubadours blow up and achieve great success has been a fulfilling experience. It’s been three years since Capital Cities’ debut album In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, and the band’s members have dabbled in their own solo and side projects in these past years. There’s nothing like a reunion of Sebu and Ryan, however. The two are back to give us their first new song in far too long, a whimsical infectious tune named Vowels. The song squishes and ripples, trumpets and jams, another opulent twirler of a pop banger. This time, Capital Cities brings some extra glamorous disco heat. I don’t think the vowels of the alphabet have ever been sexier. So how about it, Capital Cities? Do we get to dance to you live again soon? Purchase Vowels from various outlets, here.

August 10, 2016

Rising New York City glam diva Megan Vice just premiered her latest single, and she’s partnered up with Brooklyn duo The Golden Pony for it, too! Spread The News is undeniably catchy, a mellifluous endearing, lustrous glowing dance pop anthem. Prepare to twirl circles underneath a dazzling disco ball to this opulent pulsing, soulful thrusting gem, the title track from a new EP set to drop August 12th. Pre-order the EP or purchase the single on iTunes.

August 5, 2016

San Diego noise pop and psych rock band Crocodiles dropped a video for their single Telepathic Lover earlier today, giving us an opportune chance to hop into the song’s spacey sleek, dreamy gliding glam punk. The gooey intoxicating song is the first preview from Crocodiles’ sixth full length album Dreamless, out October 21st on their own label Zoo Music. Watch their retro lo-fi music video for the tune below. 

July 18, 2016

What happens when you pair San Francisco’s summery disco producer Viceroy with disco diva Gavin Turek? A heavenly concoction like Fade Out, that’s what! Fade Out is a glamorous dazzler, a leisurely swaying, classy slinking funk groover that will make your pool party that much more elegantly sexy. Viceroy wanted to try something in the middle of the house and hip hop tempos he’s worked with recently, so he forged something different yet familiar on disco slow burner Fade Out. 

June 2, 2016

Whilst I was away in Austin for SXSW, my colleague Nick shared a gorgeous tune from a Parisian producer named Jen Jis with much spicy allure. That song is Women, and it features foxy enchanting vocals by Lawrence Lea. Women gets a brilliant re-work this week by rising Bay Area producer Mountain Of Youth, who injects the song with much resplendent soulfulness on his sweeping deep house remix. As a woman myself, I feel massively empowered by this full bodied, richly rousing edit. Mountain Of Youth’s Women is full on glam. It exudes endless tropical elation, leaving me beaming and inspired. The remix is available now on Beatport.

May 20, 2016

I’m counting down the hours till tomorrow night, since I get to catch this incredible disco diva, Gavin Turek, live at Popscene alongside a set by LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang, too. It’s literally been years since I first heard of Gavin Turek, thanks to an early TOKiMONSTA collaboration which put them both on the map for me. The honey voiced Los Angeles based chanteuse goes soulful disco funk on rich lascivious jam On The Line, an irresistibly glamorous, juicy grooving treat. If you’re in San Francisco tomorrow night, throw on your disco shoes and head on over to Popscene for a good ol’ boogie down night. IHM is even giving away tickets for the show. Just retweet from Twitter, here, for a chance to win!

April 7, 2016

More than a year has gone by since Chløë Black surfaced with exceptional debut pop single, 27 Club, a song whose haunting beauty evoked both BANKS and Amy Winehouse. 27 Club is still a personal favorite so many months later, but I must admit I’m much bewitched by the Australian born, Paris and US raised London chanteuse’s new song, Groupie. The fearless and bold grunge pop song pays homage to the original groupies of the 1970′s, like Pamela Des Barres and Cynthia Plaster Caster, but it’s also an anti slut-shaming feminist anthem. Its strength and resolution pours out in Groupie’s booming beats and spunky vocals, a fusion of Lana Del Rey glam, Sleigh Bells clatter, MIA grit, and Grace Mitchell poise.