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May 9, 2018

We’re always met by glacial grandeur and flawlessly ethereal vocals when it comes to Aurora, the Norwegian musician who’s been an IHM favorite for several years now. As expected, Aurora Aksnes has become a much beloved artist in that time, and she’s preparing to release a new album to follow up on her much praised 2016 debut, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. The free spirited artist has shared a magnificent new song named Queendom, whose video is as fanciful and other worldly as we’ve come to expect from Aurora. Queendom is majestic and regal, with a wonderfully vernal vibrancy. And it only seems appropriate that she’d release a song named Queendom, considering the fact that she’s struck us as an ice princess or snow queen (of the benevolent kind) since day one. Queendom celebrates diversity and differences, it’s a festive revelry of a plumed beauty. New music from Aurora always feels like a blessing we are not worthy of. She’s as magical and magnanimous as they come. Stream/download Queendom, here.

January 31, 2018

If there’s anything that makes me feel alive in the world, it’s music, and the crisp burbling, glitchy simmering fusion of sharp disco and cosmic electro-pop that oozes out of Atella’s new single Alive breaths new life into my soul. Slinky smoldering synths and the Norwegian duo’s distinctly icy Scandinavian vocals courses through our ears like a pulsing potion, engulfing our senses in amorous euphoria. Alive arrives ahead of the release of Atella’s debut EP, Beacon One, arriving next month on Eskimo Recordings. Purchase/stream Alive via major outlets, here.

January 5, 2018

Mesmerized we are by FRUM, an artist from the Faroe Islands whose latest single Beat is a minimalist electropop wonderland. Beat’s whizzing synths and melodious magnetism combines the bold synthpop of CHVRCHES with the edgy sparse aesthetics of Mallrat, but it’s also much awash in glacial enchantment. The song even comes with a music video rife with visuals steeped in abstract modernism. For more of FRUM’s magnificent electronica and pop, stream prior single No Shapes below. 

November 25, 2017

I just can’t resist dark glacial electronic pop, especially when it’s as intensely cinematic and grandly rousing as this song, Gone, from Sweden’s ionnalee. The artist is also known for her role in iamamiwhoami. As ionnalee, she bewitches us with an avant-garde form of electropop that evokes the likes of Kill J, Fever Ray, and The Knife. A clattering array of percussive elements keep us on our toes as we march alongside the song’s regal drum beats and ride on the plumed beauty of ionnalee’s pneumatic voice. The single comes with news of ionnalee’s first full length album, expected to arrive early next year. The release will explore our generation’s fear of oblivion. You can pre-order Afraid To Be Forgotten ahead of its release on February 16th, here.

November 21, 2017

Novocaine is a well known anesthetic. I suppose it’s fitting that Crater’s new song is named Novocaine, considering the fact that the song is all icy pulsing bliss and literally zero discomfort or pain. The Seattle based electronic pop duo plan on returning with their sophomore album ‘Unearth’ on January 12th, and they’ve truly unearthed a spectacular new dark gothy, glacial thrumming gem to ignite our excitement for the release. The song fluctuates between dusky industrial, shifty brooding electronica and crisp ethereal, beautifully fantastical enchantment. You can also stream Novocaine off of Spotify, here.

September 20, 2017

To be honest, we’re still obsessed with the icy enchanting beauty of Under My Skin, Queen Alaska’s last single. But it’s time to make way for the Berlin based singer songwriter and producer’s latest tune, a glossy burbling, effervescent bubbling slice of electro and alt pop enthrallment named Run To You. I’ve never seen the Northern lights, but the sheer ethereal bliss that Queen Alasks envelops in with her new single must in some way mirror the exquisite experience of gazing at the Aurora Borealis. There’s even a brittle ephemeral quality to Run To You, as if in the wink of an eye, it could escape our longing grasp and fade into the night sky as a fairy tale or fable that only exists in our imaginations. Queen Alaska just released her debut EP, Interlude of The Inner Voice I/II, which you can find, here.

August 19, 2017

Icy crystalline enchantment abounds yet again as Norwegian synthpop duo Anna of the North continues to enamor with new single Money. The ever buzzing pair is gearing up to drop their highly anticipated full length, Lovers, next month, but before that happens, they’d like to illuminate the pitfalls of materialism with their dreamy shimmering new tune. Quite honestly, the bliss of celestial enthralling music like this song is a form of wealth itself. In fact, it’s probably more nourishing a “wealth” than money itself. We gladly find ourselves rich on Anna of the North, with more prosperity to come in the form of Lovers, which arrives on September 8th. Pre-order, here.

August 19, 2017

We can always trust in London trio Arctic Lake when it comes to a serenely affecting sonic journey. They welcome us into a beautifully poignant soundscape with their new single Further. Daughter like widescreen atmospherics and WET like tender, supple pop intermingle on the ethereal and crystalline, cool and crisp ballad. Arctic Lake’s music has always lived up to the three piece’s band name. I oft picture that very frozen lake when I’m overtaken by their music. A peaceful falling of snow blankets the shoreline and a stillness arrests the air, all in stark contrast to the turbulence within our aching hearts. You can also stream the feathery gem on Spotify, here.

July 11, 2017

Thoroughly enchanted we are with Ukrainian electronic project ONUKA, who’s unleashed a glacial and ethereal beauty of a single named VSESVIT from their forthcoming album MOZAЇKA. VSESVIT is majestic and grand, yet elegant and graceful. There’s a magical quality to this uplifting melding of pop with electronica, which some describe as a mix of Sigur Ros with the soundtrack for The Lion King. VSESVIT is also like a cross between M83 with Aurora, or Mr Little Jeans with a touch of Björk. The song was recorded in collaboration with Eric Mouquet of legendary French collective Deep Forest. A music video is in the works for VSESVIT, which is out on ONUKA’s own label, Vidlik Records. You can find the single on iTunes, here.

June 22, 2017

Shooting comes from LAOISE’s debut EP, Halfway, which the Dublin based singer songwriter released a week ago. It’s a wispy evocative, glacial haunting pop ballad, on which her soft, crystalline vocals draws us deep into an intimately poignant clasp. The song is LAOISE’s favorite off her EP. It’s also one the most barren and raw of its four tracks, allowing her to delve into new territories and emotions when she was in the midst of writing it. LAOISE explains that ‘Shooting with no ammo’ is the effort you go through to finally reach something, only to realize you messed up on the first step, and starting again doesn’t always feel worth it. “It’s that moment when you feel so trapped and lost, going around in circles over and over and wondering if you’ll ever break the cycle.” You can stream LAOISE’s Halfway EP, which includes previously featured jewels like Halfway and YOU, on Soundcloud, here.