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June 8, 2016

What do you get when you combine a ghost and a shark? Monumental electronic dance music, of course! But don’t go running out to the ocean to snag yourself a sharp toothed predator, and please don’t head over to the closest haunted house to catch you a ghoul. The ghost in this particular case, can only be Ghastly, while the shark in question is fellow Los Angeles resident, JAUZ. As a team, they’ve forged an epic banger named, what else, but “Ghosts N’ Sharks”. Strap yourselves in for an adventure, kids, because these producers are taking us on a wild ride with this one, a genre defying melding of dubstep, electro, progressive, and everything in between. We’re the sidekicks to these superheros as we kick, chop, and stomp our way through a world of thrilling build ups, spectacular drops, and dramatic chords. Crank this one high up and let’s conquer these levels and bosses together, then zip away as legends on our super cool spaceships. JAUZ and Ghastly’s Ghosts N’ Sharks is a free download, here.