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May 14, 2018

I’m always great, better than good, and feeling far superior to fine or ok when new music arrives from Great Good Fine Ok. The Brooklyn synthpop band has announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new EP this summer. And the duo have also unveiled the first silky smooth single from said collection, a sun-kissed and nostalgic ballad named Change

“‘Change’ is about falling in love with the way someone is at a specific moment in time, and hoping that they won’t ever change. In many cases people are multi-dimensional and are the products of their past, in both positive and negative ways. There is nothing worse than the fear of falling in love with a version of someone that won’t last. The song asks ‘Is having a change of heart a real thing?’ We all experience changing our minds, but maybe the heart knows exactly what it wants all along and we just have to let it win” states Great Good Fine Ok. GGFO is currently preparing to kick off their co-headlining Spring Is Sprung Tour with Smallpools. They’ll be making a stop in San Francisco at new venue August Hall on May 22nd. Change can be streamed via Spotify, here.

August 19, 2017

I don’t think it’s humanly possible to resist a The Disco Fries single that features Great Good Fine OK, unless you’re a grump that despises dancing and music. The NYC dance duo offers up retro hued electro house and iridescent synthpop on their chrome coated jam Moving On, while GGFO delivers their signature creamy vocals on the pop and dance hybrid. Moving On is the perfect throwback groover, a scintillating composition with electrifying chord jabs and smooth intoxicating synths. Stream/download this divine collaborative single, here.

March 14, 2017

Two bands I love dearly come together on this next sublime remix, an unexpected but more than welcome treat that just came out this morning. Sibling duo Paperwhite gave us a taste of their next EP last month via kinetic throbbing synthpop aria Human Nature. Fellow Brooklyn project Great Good Fine OK has given Human Nature a euphoric and uplifting makeover. It doesn’t get more dreamy effervescent and warm effulgent than this balmy fragrant, tropic lush remix. You can purchase the original from iTunes, here

March 2, 2016

Given the choice between “great”, “good”, “fine”, or “okay”, I’d say today is greater than great since Great Good Fine OK has presented us with a brand new song named Already Love. The Brooklyn duo, who gave me many of my favorite synthpop songs this past year, are slick and swooning on the 80′s evoking pop gem, its cascade of synths and creamy falsettos their most warmly wooing material yet. The new single arrives as the duo are in the midst of their Winter 2016 North American tour alongside Handsome Ghost. 

January 28, 2016

Continuing on this spate of unexpected remixes comes an even bigger surprise, a fresh interpretation of twenty one pilots’ Car Radio by Brooklyn synthpop act, Great Good Fine OK. The combination of Great Good Fine OK’s summery electronica and twenty one pilot’s gritty raw vocals is uniquely mesmerizing. GGFO’s remix of Car Radio is, at times, very grandly Tycho with its ambient beauty, though much suffused with the band’s signature seaside breeziness and palm tree lushness. It nearly feels like Car Radio had morphed into a brand new synthpop and indie dance song on this imaginative edit, and it whisks me away to such a cosmically awe-inspiring world.

September 1, 2015

For some incredibly smooth and opulent disco vibes, dive into this summery, plush remix of Great Good Fine OK’s Carried away by Sam Padrul. The original is off GGFO’s excellent 2M2H EP from earlier this year. The Chicago based nu-disco producer takes the luscious electronic pop song and gives it a chill and luxurious makeover sure to whisk you off your feet and have you grooving in bliss. Sam Padrul’s remix is a free download, here.

July 15, 2015

It’s so confusing. For the life of me, I can’t decide which of the originals dropped by The Chainsmokers this year is my favorite. I keep swinging from one to another, and back again. Oscillating between the #1 spot and the #2 spot is The Chainsmokers’ Let You Go, featuring the satin smooth vocals of Great Good Fine OK. Giving the infectious electronic track a tropical twist is Washington, D.C. production duo Kids Want Techno, who previously opened up for The Chainsmokers on tour. They give their buddies’ tune a melodic summer makeover that brings out the original’s enshrouding, overwhelming, but bittersweet glow, but infused with a marimba laden Balearic and dashing panache. The remix is a freedownload, here.

June 5, 2015

From a remix done by The Chainsmokers in my previous feature, we go to a remix of The Chainsmokers. In fact, it’s a remix of one of my favorite The Chainsmokers tunes, ever. After all, Let You Go features the sweet, buttery vocals of Great Good Fine OK, and who doesn’t love GGFO? At the helm of this bumping, entrancing remix is Florida’s Vasta, who turns the luminous dance song into a deep, melodic jam with a darker, more mysterious allure. It beckons us to liberate ourselves on the dance floor at a club in the wee hours of a dusky morning.

May 5, 2015

Thero returns with a spectacular remix of The Chainsmokers’ Let You Go, which of course, features swooning crooning by the fellas from Great Good Fine OK. Though tropical as expected, the Florida based producer goes for a sound that’s also very chill and deep on the tune, in effect turning down on the original. The outcome is a highly emotive and magnetizing experience. Thero’s concoction is a nostalgia laden summer balllad, interlaced with 80′s new wave flourish.  

March 14, 2015

What is going on with Great Good Fine OK? They’re killing me, in a good way, with endless good tunes! In the past weeks, we’ve already listened to several new originals, as well as a terrific collaboration with The Chainsmokers. And yet, here they are again, with another melting gem. This time, the song is named Something To Believe In, and it features Brooklyn’s balmy synthpop act St. Lucia. Great Good Fine OK and St. Lucia, all on one tune! Why don’t you take a moment to process that? It’s huge, isn’t it? Combined, the two stellar acts have given us a song that’s both GGFO style smooth and St. Lucia style Balearic and summery. Oh, my!