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April 19, 2018

Hometown San Francisco indie hero Geographer joins new wave pop artist So Much Light (aka Damien Verrett) on his luscious new track Waiting For The Moment. Mike Deni of Geographer lends his unique voice and adroit songwriting talent to exultant electronic and R&B pop anthem, rife with soaring synths and Phantogram like slick shifting chords. Verrett describes the process of working with Deni as “fluid” stating, “it wasn’t until we began to write the lyrics that I fully appreciated the harmony of our ideas and lifestyles. I look up to Mike and his achievements as a musician, so it was validating to see some of my own thoughts regarding mindfulness reflected in his personal philosophy..” adding, “To me, this collaboration really exemplified the ‘mind-meld’ you strive for when working with another artist.” The two will be going on tour together to support So Much Light’s 2017 debut album ‘Oh, Yuck’. Waiting For The Moment is on Apple Music, here. Find out more about So Much Light and  Geographer’s tour at

December 5, 2017

I’m always going to have a soft spot for Ocean Eyes, LA pop wunderkind Billie Eilish’s breakout single, a lissome billowing, tenderly heartbreaking ballad that spawned an immense remix by Astronomyy and reeled in a bounteous number of fans, many of them fellow artists, bands, and musicians, too. Popscene head honcho Aaron Axelsen, an astute DJ who’s also music director at Live 105, dropped on a cover of Ocean Eyes by San Francisco’s very own Geographer last Friday night. The moment I heard it, I was blown away by its synth roiling beauty. Geographer has been one of our favorites since before IHM even existed, and I was ecstatic that Michael Deni had recorded such a magical rendition of the pop song. His fleecy cooing and misty swelling electronic production is perfect for Ocean Eyes. A dewy wistfulness and a soft melancholy overtakes our hearts as we sway to his halcyon cover. Geographer says he fell in love with the song recently, and he posted a video of himself performing it on his Instagram. He enjoyed playing it so much that he immediately sat down and made this “weird oceanic synth slow simmer cover” of the song with his favorite synths. Make sure you check out Geographer’s latest originals on Soundcloud, here.

October 11, 2017

Geographer has been a pillar of the San Francisco indie scene for close to a decade, and we’ve been enamored by the band’s incomparable sound for nearly as long. Michael Deni’s voice is unparalleled and his band’s unique tapestry of sound, etched with soaring melodies, dreamy electronica, and lithesome pop, never fails at enchanting us and moving our hearts. We can’t help but look forward to Geographer’s new EP, Alone Time, which we’ll gladly spend plenty of alone time with, and we find ourselves falling hard for beautifully gusting new single So Low. The song addresses mental health and depression, but it takes us high towards the sun with its warm synth arpeggios and lofty wafting vocals. 

August 17, 2017

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August 15, 2017

It’s been more than half a year since we last heard from San Francisco’s own Michael Deni, better known as indie mainstay Geographer, so it was with great pleasure that I encountered a glorious new single named Read My Mind last week. Unfortunately, due to Outside Lands Music Festival and other commitments, our share of this fine tune is egregiously belated. It was such a treat to catch Read My Mind last night on Live 105′s Sunday night Soundcheck program. Hearing the cathartic alt/electronic pop aria once again, as well as Deni’s ever breathtaking vocals, only reminded me the urgency of this share. Without further ado, prepare to soar on the plumed wings of this dazzling first taste from a new EP named Alone Time. It’s a heart bursting affair with coruscant synths, an electro pop liberation full of vivacity and life. After this immense experience that is Read My Mind, I really can’t wait to hear what the rest of Alone Time sounds like. You can count on it that we’ll be keeping an ear out for EP news from Geographer. 

December 28, 2016

Wanting it all seems to be a human condition that afflicts all at some point or another, but of course, it’s an impossible feat to accomplish. We daydream of the possibility alongside Geographer as the venerated San Francisco project serenades us with I Want It All. It’s been far too long since we heard from Michael Deni, and a new song before the end of the year is a welcome respite from his silence just before he returns to headline a sold out Popscene in San Francisco on January 20th. Once again we are lifted into misty clouds by his dreamy wafting, fulgent blustering combination of dreamy pop and electronic rock. At times, it nearly feels like we’re listening to a Waterstrider inflected Geographer, brimming with crisp acoustics and awash in deep meditation. The beautiful song is a limited free download, here, until January 2nd. I Want It All is also available for purchase from iTunes

March 30, 2016

I was lucky enough to catch San Francisco’s own Geographer at their only official SXSW show in Austin earlier this month, and as always, Michael Deni blew me away with their uniquely bewitching electronic cello permeated indie rock and dream pop despite the fact that I’ve seen them countless times over the years. Geographer shared a music video for dreamy enchanter Ready 2 Wear today, taking us to various iconic Bay Area locales in the fantastic video. Ready 2 Wear is a grandly stirring synthpop jewel, an innovative adaptation of Felix Da Housecat’s song of the same name, much driven by Michael Deni’s silken voice. It comes from Geographer’s Endless Motion, Vol 1 EP, a collection of covers out now on iTunes.

March 13, 2016


It’s mid March, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for I Heart Moosiq to head out to Austin to take in one of the most intensive music weeks of the year. In the meantime, IHM writer and contributor Nick will be holding the fort back here in the Bay, channeling his immense passion for music through IHM while I’m away. 

For those of you also converging in Austin for SXSW, I Heart Moosiq is co-supporting an event on Wednesday night, March 16th, at the Speakeasy (Kabaret room), alongside Liberal Arts, Free Bike Valet, and Beating Lights. The official showcase, hosted by Los Angeles based tastemakers We Found New Music, features a spectacular lineup filled with IHM lauded talent. Come out and enjoy this diamond studded evening, and please do say hello! Showcase details below.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
7:30pm to 2:00am

(Kabaret Room)
412 Congress Ave
Austin, Texas 78701

ENTRY: Free with SXSW Badge/Wrist band. $10 for public entry.

RSVP here
SXSW Schedule here


8:00: Pr0files 
8:50: Bel Heir
9:40: Matt Woods
10:30: Oberhofer
11:20: Geographer
12:20: ASTR
1:20: EMI

Avec Sans and Paperwhite will also be DJing in between band sets. In other words, this is going to be one incredibly jam packed night of fabulous music.

Check out this year’s official The Independent Blogger’s Guide to SXSW for more on several of these acts, of whom yours truly had the pleasure of writing about for We Found New Music (Pr0files, Bel Heir, Matt Woods). I Heart Moosiq also wrote about XYLØ, Pastel Ghost, and Freedom Fry in the guide, which introduces 100 up and coming showcasing artists, many of which I hope to catch while I’m in Austin. 


November 15, 2015

San Francisco’s Geographer always takes me on a mystical, enchanting journey. I embark on another such adventure while listening to newly revealed dream pop cover of Felix Da Housecat’s Ready 2 Wear, a beautiful synthpop rendition taken from a covers EP titled Endess Motion Vol. 1 due out December 4th. Michael Deni’s silken voice is as breathtakingly captivating as ever on the chill sparkler, a lush lullaby of stately elegance. 

January 21, 2015

I’m much deliriously excited to find out that San Francisco band Geographer is preparing a new album named Ghost Modern for a release on March 24th. I feel like I have such a long history with the dreamy pop and indie electro-rock band, having been a fan for years prior to the inception of IHM and having run into Michael Deni and the band at their own gigs and other local events. The last time Geographer released a full length, their popularity rose exponentially, and they even played a killer set at Live 105’s BFD that culminated in Michael crowd surfing. Geographer’s first taste off the new album is an enchanting number named I’m Ready, and it flourishes with their electronic cello imbued charm. There’s always such a noble yet intimate quality to their synthy, layered music. Welcome back, Geographer. You’ve been missed.