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May 19, 2018

I have a couple pairs of white jeans at home, but I rarely wear them. They get dirty too easily, and I tend to be extra clumsy when I’m trying hard not to be. But I gladly embrace SALES’ White Jeans, a gently sauntering, dreamy sailing indie pop song from the Floridian duo’s next album. If I could wear the song, I’d dress myself in its cottony threads everyday. The misty soothing, feathery light  tune might be pellucid soft, but it’s utterly enchanting from start to finish. We alight on an ethereal reverie with SALES, who wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered the song in their bedroom studio. SALES will be going on tour this summer, supporting one of their favorite bands (and one of ours, too), No Vacation. White Jeans is available on Apple Music, here. Learn more about SALES’ forthcoming tour on their website, here.

February 3, 2018

The backseat of a car tends to be a romantic notion that evokes youthful dalliances and reckless crushes. Australian dark dream pop quartet Swimming Girls captures that vernal exuberance on their new single, Backseat Of Your Car, serving up a wonderfully hooking burst of alt flavored pop in the process. Backseat Of Your Car is undeniably infectious, and its drenched in sparkly synths and gazey lush guitars that drip with vintage 80s nostalgia. It’s like Pale Waves gone Fickle Friends, a vivacious and vibrant anthem and the band’s best release to date. Back Of Your Car is also available via Spotify and Apple, here.