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April 30, 2018

It’s been years since Adrian Lux dropped his hit single Teenage Crime. A bevy of fine remixes cropped up in its wake, too. Swedish multi-instrumentalist and producer STRØM brings back our love for the song with a superb cover that injects the song with a fresh sense of sultry dark intrigue. The sooty splendor of this murky, dusky Teenage Crime is rather deliciously Zhu-like, with some of the curling funk guitars of Ben Khan. STRØM’s electrifying cover seems to befit a mysterious tryst, or a secret rendezvous of some sort. You can also stream the track via Spotify, here. Re-visit some of the artist’s prior originals on Soundcloud, here, including previously featured releases Shay-Ling and Mesmerize.

April 19, 2018

I probably have an unhealthy obsession with the morbid and grim. Sometimes, I could watch crime dramas or reality shows for hours on end, and I find serial killers much intriguing. Not that I want to celebrate the horrible things they’ve done, quite the opposite, but the psychology and behaviorism involved is fascinating. What should be celebrated, however, is this new song from London’s Moncrieff. The soulful, bluesy crooner has teamed up with LA future bass/trap producer JUDGE on Serial Killer, a suspenseful smoldering future soul/R&B ballad. JUDGE’s dramatic production and Moncrieff’s incendiary voice come together to create a tensely charged effect. Serial Killer is a ball of electricity, ready to burst. Download/stream Serial Killer, here.

April 19, 2018

Sink into velveteen soft, cushiony plush Brooklyn Love, a divine track from NYC artist to watch Lolo Zouaï. Her breathy, kittenish R&B soul vocals tease and seduce within Brooklyn Love’s sublime bed of dusky future electronica. On production duty is fellow New Yorker Stelios. His pleat of hypnotic future beats are like a snug aural embrace. We find ourselves overwhelmed by the sensation of falling in love as we drift away with this dreamy amorous ballad. Watch the disarming VHS styled music video for Brooklyn Love below. Lolo Zouaï will be hititng the road for a handful of shows later this spring, including stops in Toronto, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Paris, and London. Find out more, here. Alluring Brooklyn Love is available from iTunes, here.

April 13, 2018

OTR’s past career as an aerospace engineer seems to transmit right into his current ascent as a compelling producer and musician. He first started to float us into the cosmos with his music via remixes, but he’s since demonstrated his adept skills as a songcrafter on an original named Bliss. And now he’s followed it up with a downtempo electronic ballad named Close, featuring Kai Straw, a cindery vocalist from right here in San Francisco. OTR’s dusky ethereal beats displays his influences, which include producers like Odesza, Petit Biscuit, and Porter Robinson, as well as indie artists like Daughter and Bon Iver. Close is gritty yet atmospheric, a bittersweet haunting and tender stirring electronic composition to soundtrack your late night introspection. Find it on Apple Music, here.

April 5, 2018

Lately, Mura Masa has been surprising us by taking the role of producer behind some of our favorite artists’ new songs. His latest such work sees him crafting an intricate future bass soundscape for long time IHM supported LA artist Michl. Better With You proves to be a divine pairing. Michl’s smooth vocals and expert songwriting melds perfectly with Mura Masa’s sonic wizardry on the immaculate balance between electronica and soulful acoustic pop. The contrast between the song’s gentle, fervent strums and the track’s sharp whizzing, dramatic rolling texture is striking. It’s been a long time coming, but Michl will be releasing a debut album this summer, before he heads out on a new headline tour in the fall. 

March 8, 2018

We’re just about hitting the tail end of this cold winter season and more than ready to welcome the coming of spring, but we’re more than ready to embrace the cool gust of autumn and the dewy air of fall that Demo Taped brings us on his song Winter Soon. The sound he gives us here is a stark contrast to the more upbeat and synth mellifluous tracks he’s given us in the past. After all, the 19 year old Atlanta based producer and musician last moved us with an uptempo rhythm and vivacious synths on brisk and sleek Pack Of Gum. This time around, he gives us a dreamy sparkling, smooth glissading escapade that’s but one of many fine treats from his new EP, Momentary, out now on 300 Entertainment. Drift away to the introspective & wistful cut, ride its rotund tide, and find that “momentary” bliss as the rest of the world fades away. Stream/purchase Demo Taped sophomore EP, here.

February 21, 2018

Robotaki has been a constant supplier of cultivated and refined electronic jewels for many a year. But he takes his authoritative production skills and music crafting expertise to a whole new level on Limbo, a softly glowing, floaty bounding effusion of complex percussive patterns and intricate keys. On satin smooth future soul vocals is London’s SHOR, whose sleek voice adds an extra coating of silky velvet to Robotaki’s twilight twinkling, dreamy warped future beats opus. What’s on limbo here isn’t us, but the rest of the world as we lose ourselves in the richness and complexity of this ravishing, ever-shifting and fluctuating new track from the prolific Montreal based producer. Robotaki explains that he made Limbo in a strange time in his life when he was floating between several binaries relating to his career, relationship at the time, and self-esteem. He continues: “It’s a frustrating time but also a sadly beautiful one that I hope a lot of people can relate to.This theme shaded many decisions that went into this release, like the repetitive motif that basically plays all throughout but reoccurs in very different ways.Limbo is both my hardest and most vulnerable track to date.” You can also stream Limbo via Spotify, here.

January 31, 2018

Though Stolar is new on our radar, he’s long established himself as a prolific artist and songwriter, having written over a thousand songs in the past while frequently flying between New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. The now New York based artist makes his first mark on 2018 with a solo original named Erase You, an extension of his experiences over the past year including encounters with both heartbreak and new love. The velvety future soul, jazzy pop, and downtempo electronica track features buttery, creamy cooing and an irresistibly lilting cadence. Erase You emits an aura of raw vulnerability, yet it’s a silky sophisticated composition, with sultry curling guitars and sleek synth fluxes. Like in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I’m sure we can all think of a person or two from our past we’d love to “erase”, but we’ll never want Stolar and his fleecy plush new tune to fade away from our tattered hearts. Grab the single from iTunes, here.

January 31, 2018

Emerging Canadian duo aiwake make their first appearance of the year on new single Crescent Lane, a ghostly clattering, opaque simmering surge of the pair’s haunting yet seductive sound. Future bass, trip hop, and R&B soul collide on the dark sensual dreamscape, a nebulous and heady experience whose aching desire dances like familiar shadows through our ears and into the hidden chambers of our hearts. Late night yearning and melancholic longing ooze through every gossamer whisper and spectral swell of the intimate yet sprawling opus. “We lost ourselves along the way” says aiwake in the song’s Soundcloud description. We lost ourselves with them, engulfed in Crescent Lane’s slow burning turbulence. You can also stream the downtempo single via Spotify, here.

January 31, 2018

From the city of Brooklyn, a historic enclave much associated with the game-changing emergence of hip hop and touch East Coast rap, comes Adrian Daniel. But unlike that movement, Adrian Daniel’s sound is creamy scorching and feverishly blazing. New single Deadly Attraction, produced by Jay Wright, exhibits Adrian Daniel’s R&B roots. His satin vocals, whose stunning range rivals that of Gallant, seethes with desire and obsession in a bed of future bass production on the electrifying track. Deadly Attraction is lifted from Adrian Daniel’s new album FLAWD, scheduled to arrive on March 2nd. The record is said to fuse together everything from vintage Michael Jackson to Tame Impala styled psychedelia. With a voice like this, I’d imagine anything Adrian Daniel sets his heart on could sound spectacular. Adrian is also known for his wildly entertaining live shows. Lucky fans can catch him at a handful of shows in February and March. Find out more on his website, here. Deadly Attraction is available as a single, here.