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December 7, 2017

We’ve been touting Portugal. the Man’s Feel It Still as one of the best tracks of the year, so it’s been very vindicating to watch my favorite American psych rock band get nominated for a Grammy for the funky swaggering jam, which has now become the most ubiquitous and omnipresent hit of 2017. Over the course of the past several months, an insane amount of ridiculously good remixes of Feel It Still have surfaced in the music scene. But there’s always room for one more brilliant rendition, particularly when its this edit by NYC’s Jenaux. Feel It Still gets some chill dreamy feels on the languorous future funk re-work. It’s a brassy playful, jazzy chic romp with smooth glossy corners and luscious synths. Grab it for free, here.

April 4, 2017

Prepare to bounce straight to outer space as Philadelphia electronic prodigy Moon Bounce unites with New Jersey’s Ehiorobo on an absolutely stunning track named Lungs. Ehiorobo’s soulful crooning and Moon Bounce’s dazzling texture lead us into a fully intoxicating, shadowy flickering wonder world. Lungs never stops surprising us with its quivering twists and trickling turns. Despite all its elaborate intricacy, Lungs comes together flawlessly. Nothing is forced, nothing is pretentious. There’s even a jazzy essence to the track, like we’ve visited a smoky lounge on lunar ground, where gravity pulls us down far less than it does on earth. Away, we float and spin through the air, taking leaps and bounds we never imagined we could before. Download Lungs for free, here. You can also stream the single via Soundcloud below.

November 4, 2016

After giving us a handful of sensational remixes of songs I love from bands like Mutemath and Temper Trap, Swedish producer Kasbo is finally back with new original music. On Call, he employs beautiful vocals by England’s Cheney whose quivering rich voice is reminiscent of Ryn Weaver and Kiiara. Call is a trembling entrancing future bass gem. It moves gracefully and simmers with R&B passion, like a key tinkling, gently jazzier combination of What So Not and AlunaGeorge. Call is out now via various outlets, here.

October 29, 2016

Love Somebody is one of several incredibly divine collaborative tracks that was bestowed upon us by Australian talents Ta-ku and Wafia. That fleecy enchanting jewel gets a Mr. Carmack treatment today, an unexpected and oh so heavenly treat. The respected Hawaiian producer remixes Love Somebody into a bouncy infectious dance jam. Peppy beats, sprightly chords, and glitchy future beats strikes us with lightning euphoria. Download Mr. Carmack’s snazzy chic remix from major outlets, here.

October 25, 2016

Goldwash calls his music “existential funk”. As someone who happens to be drawn to the ideas behind existentialism, I find myself wondering whether my existence, when listening to the Los Angeles based future soul musician, is defined by his music. It certainly feels like the rest of the world fades away when I’m listening to “Ok, I Lied”. It feels, for a brief moment, that my only purpose in life is to lose myself in his sinuous winding, tangy quivering song. I transfix all my attention on his creamy cooing and snazzy textured electronica. In a parallel world, his “existential funk” could very well be called “future jazz”. “Ok, I Lied” is Goldwash’s latest single from his dazzling debut EP, LDR, out now on iTunes.

April 7, 2015

About a month ago, I shared a magnificent beauty named BLU from a Southern California band named Verre. Apparently, previously featured South African production act Overture really dug that share, because he blames me for liking the track so much that he decided to throw the tune around in the studio to some thrilling, captivating results. Well, gosh, I’m incredibly glad and delighted, if not infinitely honored to have any role in this splendorous turn of events. And I do apologize to his neighbors for the “onslaught of relentless audio into the wee hours of the morning”. Okay, I’m not that sorry about that. I’m envious, in fact. Overture’s makeover of Blu takes it to a grandiose world of snazzy, shimmery future bass, complete with jazzy instrumentals, courtesy of his buddies on sax, bass, and keys. It’s a gorgeous and magnetic remix, finely balanced with the original’s elegant, crystalline vocals. 

March 5, 2015

You know what I really dig about musicians and artists? People normally expect others to give them presents when its their birthdays. But musicians? They give US presents when it’s their birthdays! Today, fast rising Moving Castle talent Mark Johns celebrates her birthday by giving us a wicked new tune named 5 South, her debut original. It speaks mountains of how brilliant she is at her craft. Produced by Alexander Lewis and featuring Brasstracks, 5 South will sweep you off your feet with its wonky bubble texture, jazzy flair, and heavenly vocals. 5 South is up for free grabs. Well, happy 21st, Mark Johns, and thank you for giving us something spectacular.